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Meaning: drink

Mi piace bere una bevanda fresca in estate.

I like to drink a refreshing beverage in the summer.

Meaning: beverage

Il barista mi ha servito una bevanda calda.

The bartender served me a hot beverage.

Meaning: drinkable

Questa bevanda è molto dolce.

This drink is very sweet.


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A1: Mi piace bere bevande fredde in estate.

A1: I like to drink cold beverages in the summer.

A1: Vorrei ordinare una bevanda analcolica, per favore.

A1: I would like to order a non-alcoholic beverage, please.

A1: La bevanda gassata è molto rinfrescante.

A1: The carbonated drink is very refreshing.

B1: Ho provato una nuova bevanda energetica ieri sera.

B1: I tried a new energy drink last night.

B1: Mia madre mi ha chiesto di comprare delle bevande per la festa.

B1: My mother asked me to buy some drinks for the party.

B2: Dovremmo bere più acqua e meno bevande zuccherate.

B2: We should drink more water and less sugary beverages.

C1: Sono stato invitato a un evento esclusivo con bevande gratuite.

C1: I have been invited to an exclusive event with free drinks.

C1: Il barista mi ha consigliato una bevanda alcolica artigianale.

C1: The bartender recommended me a craft alcoholic beverage.

C2: La bevanda tradizionale di questa regione è molto particolare.

C2: The traditional drink of this region is very unique.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'bevanda' in Italian refers to a beverage or a drink. It is a general term used to describe any type of liquid that is consumed for refreshment or nourishment.

In Italy, 'bevanda' can refer to a wide range of drinks including water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages like wine and beer. It is a versatile word that encompasses both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

When ordering at a bar or restaurant in Italy, you may use the word 'bevanda' to indicate that you would like a drink. For example, you could say 'Vorrei una bevanda fresca' which means 'I would like a refreshing beverage.'

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