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The Italian adjective bianco means white in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: white color

La neve è bianca.

The snow is white.

Meaning: blank or empty

La pagina è bianca.

The page is blank.

Meaning: innocent or pure

Ha una coscienza bianca come la neve.

He has a conscience as pure as snow.

Meaning: plain or unadorned

Il muro è bianco.

The wall is plain white.

Meaning: without sugar

Preferisco il caffè bianco.

I prefer my coffee without sugar.


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Il latte è bianco.

A1: Milk is white.

Ho comprato una maglietta bianca.

A1: I bought a white t-shirt.

La neve è bianca.

A1: Snow is white.

La casa ha le pareti bianche.

B1: The house has white walls.

Ho dipinto la mia camera di bianco l'anno scorso.

B1: I painted my room white last year.

Mi piace il vino bianco secco.

B1: I like dry white wine.

Il vestito bianco che ho comprato ieri si è macchiato subito.

C1: The white dress I bought yesterday got stained immediately.

L'abito da sposa della mia amica era bianco come la neve.

C1: My friend's wedding dress was as white as snow.

La mia paura mi ha fatto diventare bianco come un lenzuolo.

C2: My fear made me turn as white as a sheet.

Advanced Description

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Bianco is a commonly used word in the Italian language and it refers to the color white. It can be used to describe objects, animals, or even people that are white in color. For example, if you see a white car on the street, you could say 'Ho visto una macchina bianca'.

In addition to describing color, bianco can also be used to describe something that is blank or empty. For instance, if you receive a blank piece of paper, you could say 'Ho ricevuto un foglio bianco'.

It's worth noting that bianco can also be used as a noun in some contexts. For example, 'il bianco' can refer to white wine in Italian. Overall, bianco is an important word to know if you're learning Italian or planning to travel to Italy.

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