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Bisogno is an Italian noun that translates to 'need' or 'requirement'. It refers to something that is necessary or essential for a particular purpose or situation.

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Meaning: need

Ho bisogno di un caffè.

I need a coffee.

Meaning: necessity

L'acqua è un bisogno primario.

Water is a basic necessity.

Meaning: requirement

Per ottenere il visto, ci sono alcuni bisogni da soddisfare.

To obtain the visa, there are some requirements to fulfill.

Meaning: desire

Ho bisogno di una vacanza al mare.

I desire a vacation by the sea.

Meaning: lack

C'è un bisogno di risorse finanziarie per completare il progetto.

There is a lack of financial resources to complete the project.


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A1: Ho bisogno di acqua.

I need water.

A1: Hai bisogno di aiuto?

Do you need help?

A1: Il cane ha bisogno di mangiare.

The dog needs to eat.

B1: Quando avevo bisogno di te, non eri disponibile.

When I needed you, you weren't available.

B1: Se avessi saputo che avevi bisogno di soldi, ti avrei aiutato.

If I had known you needed money, I would have helped you.

B1: Spero che il mio lavoro possa soddisfare i tuoi bisogni.

I hope my work can meet your needs.

C1: Nonostante il bisogno di dormire, ho continuato a lavorare tutta la notte.

Despite the need to sleep, I kept working all night.

C1: La povertà è un bisogno urgente da affrontare nella nostra società.

Poverty is an urgent need to be addressed in our society.

C1: Bisogna essere consapevoli dei propri bisogni per poter vivere una vita soddisfacente.

One must be aware of their own needs in order to live a fulfilling life.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, bisogno is a commonly used word in everyday language. It can be used to express a variety of needs, from basic physical needs like food and shelter, to emotional needs like love and companionship. Bisogno can also refer to more abstract needs such as the need for knowledge or understanding.

The concept of bisogno is deeply ingrained in Italian culture and society. Italians place a great deal of importance on meeting the needs of others, whether it be through providing hospitality, offering assistance, or simply being there for someone in times of need. This emphasis on community and mutual support is reflected in many aspects of Italian life, from the close-knit nature of families to the strong social bonds between neighbors and friends.

Understanding the concept of bisogno is key to understanding Italian culture and communication. By recognizing and responding to the needs of others, one can build stronger relationships and foster greater understanding and cooperation. Whether you are traveling to Italy for business or pleasure, taking the time to learn about bisogno and how it shapes Italian society can help you navigate social interactions with greater ease and confidence.

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