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The Italian adjective blu means blue in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: color

Il mare è blu.

The sea is blue.

Meaning: sad

Sono blu perché ho perso la partita.

I am sad because I lost the game.

Meaning: unripe

La frutta non è ancora matura, è blu.

The fruit is not ripe yet, it's unripe.

Meaning: indecent

Quel film è troppo blu per i bambini.

That movie is too indecent for children.


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A1: La mia maglietta è blu.

My T-shirt is blue.

A1: Il cielo è blu oggi.

The sky is blue today.

A1: Ho comprato dei fiori blu per la festa.

I bought some blue flowers for the party.

B1: Mia madre ha scelto una borsa blu per l'estate.

My mother chose a blue bag for the summer.

B1: Ieri ho visto un'auto blu parcheggiata fuori dal negozio.

Yesterday I saw a blue car parked outside the store.

B1: Quando ero giovane, avevo i capelli blu.

When I was young, I had blue hair.

C1: Spero che il mare sia sempre così blu come oggi.

I hope the sea is always as blue as it is today.

C1: La pittura astratta di quel quadro utilizza tonalità di blu molto intense.

The abstract painting of that artwork uses very intense shades of blue.

C1: Dopo aver viaggiato per mesi, finalmente siamo arrivati in quella bellissima città con il mare blu cristallino.

After traveling for months, we finally arrived in that beautiful city with the crystal clear blue sea.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Blu is a common color word used in the Italian language. It refers to the color blue, which is often associated with the sky and the ocean. In Italian, blu can be used to describe anything that is blue in color, such as clothing, cars, or even eyes.

The word blu is also commonly used in Italian art and design. Many famous Italian artists have used shades of blue in their works, such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In fashion, the color blu is often associated with luxury brands like Prada and Gucci.

It's important to note that unlike in English, where there are many different shades of blue (such as navy, turquoise, and baby blue), in Italian there is only one word for all shades of blue: blu. This can sometimes lead to confusion or ambiguity when describing specific colors.

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