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Meaning: arm

Mi sono rotto il braccio giocando a calcio.

I broke my arm playing soccer.

Meaning: bracelet

Ho comprato un braccio d'argento per mia madre.

I bought a silver bracelet for my mother.

Meaning: branch

L'albero ha molti rami sul suo braccio principale.

The tree has many branches on its main branch.

Meaning: arm of a chair

Mi piace sedermi sulla poltrona con un braccio comodo.

I like to sit in the armchair with a comfortable armrest.


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A1: Ho un braccio lungo.

A1: I have a long arm.

A1: Il suo braccio è ferito.

A1: His/her arm is injured.

A1: Abbiamo due bracci.

A1: We have two arms.

B1: Ho alzato il braccio per chiedere una domanda.

B1: I raised my hand to ask a question.

B1: Mia sorella si è rotta un braccio giocando a calcio.

B1: My sister broke her arm while playing soccer.

B2: Lui ha stretto il mio braccio con forza.

B2: He tightly grabbed my arm.

B2: La ginnasta ha eseguito un movimento elegante con i suoi bracci.

B2: The gymnast performed an elegant movement with her arms.

C1: Dopo l'incidente, ha dovuto riabilitare il suo braccio per mesi.

C1: After the accident, he had to rehabilitate his arm for months.

C1: Il pittore dipinge con maestria usando entrambi i suoi bracci.

C1: The painter skillfully paints using both of his arms.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun "braccio" translates to "arm" in English. It is a masculine noun that refers to the upper limb of the human body, extending from the shoulder to the hand.

In addition to its anatomical meaning, "braccio" can also be used metaphorically to refer to strength or power. For example, someone with a strong arm or physical prowess might be described as having a "braccio potente" (powerful arm).

Furthermore, "braccio" has other specific meanings in different contexts. In music, it can refer to an organ stop that imitates the sound of a trumpet. In architecture, it can denote an arch or vault. Additionally, it is also the name of a historical measurement unit used in Italy.

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