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Breve is an Italian noun that refers to a musical note that is half the duration of a whole note.

Part of speech





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Meaning: short

Il mio amico ha i capelli brevi.

My friend has short hair.

Meaning: brief

Ho ricevuto una breve email da mio padre.

I received a brief email from my father.

Meaning: quick

Abbiamo fatto una breve pausa durante il viaggio.

We took a quick break during the trip.

Meaning: summary

Ho scritto un breve riassunto del libro.

I wrote a summary of the book.

Meaning: lightning-fast

Il corridore ha fatto una breve corsa e ha vinto la gara.

The runner made a lightning-fast run and won the race.


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A1: Ho bisogno di una breve pausa.

A1: I need a short break.

A1: La lezione è stata molto breve.

A1: The lesson was very short.

A1: Hai un breve momento per parlare?

A1: Do you have a brief moment to talk?

B1: Il film ha una trama molto breve.

B1: The movie has a very brief plot.

B1: Ho scritto una breve lettera al mio amico.

B1: I wrote a short letter to my friend.

B2: La presentazione sarà brevemente interrotta per un annuncio importante.

B2: The presentation will be briefly interrupted for an important announcement.

B2: Abbiamo discusso brevemente il problema durante la riunione.

B2: We briefly discussed the issue during the meeting.

C1: Il professore ha tenuto una breve conferenza sulla storia dell'arte moderna.

C1: The professor gave a brief lecture on the history of modern art.

C1: La giornalista ha scritto un articolo molto approfondito, ma con una breve menzione del problema principale.

C1: The journalist wrote a very in-depth article, but with a brief mention of the main issue.

Advanced Description

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In music notation, breve is represented by a rectangular shape with a line through it. It is used in medieval and Renaissance music, and sometimes in modern music as well. The breve has a duration of eight beats or measures, making it twice as long as a whole note. This means that two whole notes are equal to one breve.

The term 'breve' comes from the Latin word 'brevis', which means 'short'. The breve was originally used in Gregorian chant and other early forms of Western classical music. It was later replaced by the semibreve (also known as the whole note) as the basic unit of time in music notation. However, the breve continued to be used in certain contexts, such as in some types of dance music.

Today, the breve is mainly used in early music performance and notation. It can also be found in some contemporary compositions that draw on medieval or Renaissance styles. While it may not be as commonly used as other musical notes, understanding the breve is important for anyone studying or performing early music.

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