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"bruciare" Italian translation




to burn

Part of speech



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Meaning: to burn

Ho bruciato la carta nel fuoco.

I burned the paper in the fire.

Meaning: to scorch

Il sole ha bruciato la mia pelle.

The sun scorched my skin.

Meaning: to sear

Mi sono bruciato con l'acqua bollente.

I seared myself with boiling water.

Meaning: to incinerate

Hanno bruciato i rifiuti nella fornace.

They incinerated the waste in the furnace.

Meaning: to blister

Mi sono bruciato la mano sul fornello caldo.

I blistered my hand on the hot stove.



  • io brucio
  • tu bruci
  • lui/lei brucia
  • noi bruciamo
  • voi bruciate
  • loro bruciano


  • io ho bruciato
  • tu hai bruciato
  • lui/lei ha bruciato
  • noi abbiamo bruciato
  • voi avete bruciato
  • loro hanno bruciato


  • io brucerò
  • tu brucerai
  • lui/lei brucerà
  • noi bruceremo
  • voi brucerete
  • loro bruceranno


  • io avevo bruciato
  • tu avevi bruciato
  • lui/lei aveva bruciato
  • noi avevamo bruciato
  • voi avevate bruciato
  • loro avevano bruciato

Simple Past

  • io bruciai
  • tu bruciasti
  • lui/lei bruciò
  • noi bruciammo
  • voi bruciaste
  • loro bruciarono


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A1: Il fuoco brucia.

A1: The fire burns.

A1: Mi sono bruciato la mano.

A1: I burned my hand.

A1: La candela brucia lentamente.

A1: The candle burns slowly.

B1: Ho bruciato il pane nel forno.

B1: I burned the bread in the oven.

B1: Non voglio che si brucino i biscotti.

B1: I don't want the cookies to burn.

B2: Quando ero bambino, mi sono bruciato con l'acqua calda.

B2: When I was a child, I burned myself with hot water.

B2: Se non stai attento, ti brucerai al sole.

B2: If you're not careful, you'll get sunburned.

C1: Dopo aver mangiato troppo piccante, sento che mi brucia lo stomaco.

C1: After eating too much spicy food, I feel a burning sensation in my stomach.

C1: Bruciamo le foglie secche nel giardino per liberarci di loro.

C1: We burn the dry leaves in the garden to get rid of them.

C2: Se continui a mentire, ti brucerai la reputazione.

C2: If you keep lying, you'll ruin your reputation.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb 'bruciare' means 'to burn' in English. It is a transitive verb, which means it requires a direct object to complete its meaning. The subject of the verb is the entity that causes the burning action, while the direct object is the thing that is being burned.

In Italian, 'bruciare' can be used in various contexts. For example, it can refer to the act of setting something on fire or causing it to catch fire. It can also describe the process of burning something until it turns into ashes or becomes charred. Additionally, 'bruciare' can be used metaphorically to express intense emotions or sensations, such as feeling a burning passion or experiencing a burning sensation.

It's important to note that 'bruciare' is an irregular verb and its conjugation may change depending on the tense, mood, and subject pronoun. Learning the different forms of 'bruciare' will allow you to accurately express actions related to burning in Italian.

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