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Meaning: lie

Non dire bugie!

Don't tell lies!

Meaning: deception

Quella pubblicità è una bugia.

That advertisement is a deception.

Meaning: fabrication

Ha inventato una bugia per giustificarsi.

He fabricated a lie to justify himself.

Meaning: untruth

La sua testimonianza era piena di bugie.

His testimony was full of untruths.


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Mia sorella racconta sempre bugie.

My sister always tells lies.

Non mi piace quando qualcuno mi dice una bugia.

I don't like it when someone tells me a lie.

Ho scoperto la verità, era solo una bugia.

I discovered the truth, it was just a lie.

La politica è piena di bugie e promesse non mantenute.

Politics is full of lies and unkept promises. (B1)

Mi ha detto una bugia per nascondermi la verità.

He told me a lie to hide the truth. (B1)

Dopo aver mentito, si è pentito della sua bugia.

After lying, he regretted his lie. (B2)

Sono stufo delle tue continue menzogne!

I'm tired of your constant lies! (B2)

Se continui a dire bugie, nessuno ti crederà più.

If you keep telling lies, no one will believe you anymore. (C1)

Le sue parole erano piene di falsità e bugie sottili.

His words were full of falsehoods and subtle lies. (C1)

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "bugia" is an Italian noun that translates to "lie" in English. It refers to a false statement or an intentional act of deceiving someone by not telling the truth.

In Italian culture, honesty and trustworthiness are highly valued, so telling a bugia is generally frowned upon. It is considered disrespectful and can damage relationships.

Bugie can be told for various reasons, such as avoiding punishment, manipulating others, or protecting one's reputation. However, they often lead to negative consequences and erode trust over time.

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