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Meaning: hunt

Andare a caccia è una delle mie attività preferite.

Going hunting is one of my favorite activities.

Meaning: chase

Il cane correva dietro alla caccia.

The dog was chasing the prey.

Meaning: search

Sto facendo una caccia al tesoro nel parco.

I'm doing a treasure hunt in the park.

Meaning: hunting rifle

Mio padre ha una collezione di fucili da caccia.

My father has a collection of hunting rifles.

Meaning: hunting trip

Siamo andati in caccia nella foresta la scorsa settimana.

We went on a hunting trip in the forest last week.


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A1: La caccia è un'attività all'aperto.

A1: Hunting is an outdoor activity.

A1: Il mio amico ha una passione per la caccia.

A1: My friend has a passion for hunting.

A1: Abbiamo organizzato una gita di caccia nel bosco.

A1: We organized a hunting trip in the forest.

B1: Durante la caccia, ho sparato al cervo.

B1: During the hunt, I shot at the deer.

B2: Sono andato a caccia ieri e ho avvistato molti uccelli.

B2: I went hunting yesterday and spotted many birds.

B2: Prima di partire per la caccia, abbiamo studiato il comportamento degli animali selvatici.

B2: Before going hunting, we studied the behavior of wild animals.

C1: Dopo anni di esperienza nella caccia, sono diventato un esperto nel riconoscere le tracce degli animali.

C1: After years of experience in hunting, I have become an expert in recognizing animal tracks.

C1: La caccia è una pratica che richiede pazienza e abilità.

C1: Hunting is a practice that requires patience and skill.

C2: La caccia è stata vietata in questa zona per preservare la fauna selvatica.

C2: Hunting has been banned in this area to preserve the wildlife.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Caccia is an Italian noun that translates to 'hunt' or 'hunting' in English. It refers to the act of pursuing and capturing or killing wild animals for food, sport, or conservation purposes.

In Italy, caccia is a popular recreational activity and has a long-standing tradition. Hunting is regulated by specific laws and requires hunters to obtain licenses and permits. There are different types of hunting, including small game hunting, big game hunting, and bird hunting.

Caccia also holds cultural significance in Italy, with various regional traditions and customs associated with it. It is often seen as a way to connect with nature and preserve traditional practices. Additionally, caccia plays a role in wildlife management and conservation efforts.

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