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The Italian adjective caldo means hot in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: hot (temperature)

Oggi fa molto caldo qui.

Today it's very hot here.

Meaning: warm (temperature)

Il tè è ancora caldo.

The tea is still warm.

Meaning: passionate

Sono molto caldo per la musica rock.

I'm very passionate about rock music.

Meaning: stolen (goods)

La merce era calda, quindi l'ho lasciata lì.

The goods were stolen, so I left them there.


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Fa caldo oggi.

It's hot today. (A1)

Mi piace il caffè caldo.

I like hot coffee. (A2)

Indossa un maglione caldo per non avere freddo.

Wear a warm sweater so you don't get cold. (A2)

Il tè è ancora caldo.

The tea is still hot. (B1)

Ho bevuto una tazza di latte caldo questa mattina.

I drank a cup of hot milk this morning. (B2)

Stasera farà molto più caldo rispetto a ieri sera.

Tonight it will be much hotter than last night. (B2)

Dopo aver camminato per ore sotto il sole cocente, eravamo tutti esausti e accaldati.

After walking for hours under the scorching sun, we were all exhausted and overheated. (C1)

La stanza era così calda che ho dovuto aprire la finestra per respirare.

The room was so hot that I had to open the window to breathe. (C2)

Nonostante il caldo torrido, abbiamo deciso di fare un'escursione in montagna.

Despite the scorching heat, we decided to go hiking in the mountains. (C2)

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Caldo is a versatile word that can be used to describe various things that are hot. For example, it can be used to describe the temperature of food or drinks, such as a hot cup of coffee or a warm bowl of soup. It can also be used to describe the weather, such as a hot summer day. Additionally, it can be used to describe the physical sensation of heat, such as feeling hot after exercising or being in a sauna.

In Italian culture, caldo is often associated with comfort and relaxation. Many Italians enjoy taking a hot bath or shower before bed to help them unwind and sleep better. They also enjoy drinking hot beverages like tea and espresso throughout the day, especially during colder months. In some regions of Italy, there are even traditional hot drinks made with wine and spices that are consumed during the winter holidays.

It's important to note that caldo can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. For example, it can also mean warm or heated in certain situations. Therefore, it's always best to consider the context and use other clues in the sentence to determine the intended meaning of the word.

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