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Calore is an Italian noun that translates to 'heat' in English.

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Meaning: heat

Il calore del sole è piacevole.

The heat of the sun is pleasant.

Meaning: warmth

Mi piace il calore di una tazza di tè.

I like the warmth of a cup of tea.

Meaning: passion

Il calore dei loro abbracci era evidente.

The passion in their hugs was evident.

Meaning: affection

La mamma mi ha accolto con calore quando sono tornato a casa.

Mom welcomed me with affection when I came back home.

Meaning: intensity

Il calore delle sue parole mi ha colpito profondamente.

The intensity of his words deeply affected me.


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A1: Il calore del sole mi fa sentire felice.

The warmth of the sun makes me feel happy.

A1: Ho acceso il riscaldamento per avere calore in casa.

I turned on the heating to have warmth at home.

A1: Mi piace stare vicino al fuoco perché dà calore.

I like to stay close to the fire because it gives warmth.

B1: Il calore del tuo abbraccio mi fa sentire al sicuro.

The warmth of your embrace makes me feel safe.

B1: Durante l'estate, il calore può diventare opprimente.

During summer, the heat can become oppressive.

B2: La stufa emette un piacevole calore che riscalda la stanza.

The stove emits a pleasant warmth that heats up the room.

C1: Il calore umano è fondamentale per creare un'atmosfera accogliente.

Human warmth is essential to create a welcoming atmosphere.

C1: In questa regione, il calore estivo può superare i 40 gradi Celsius.

In this region, summer heat can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

C2: L'energia solare viene convertita in calore attraverso i pannelli fotovoltaici.

Solar energy is converted into heat through photovoltaic panels.

Advanced Description

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Calore is a fundamental concept in physics and thermodynamics, referring to the transfer of thermal energy between two objects or systems. It is commonly used to describe the sensation of warmth or hotness felt by humans and animals when exposed to high temperatures.

In Italian culture, calore can also be used metaphorically to describe a feeling of passion, enthusiasm, or emotional intensity. For example, one might say they feel il calore della vita (the warmth of life) when experiencing a particularly joyful moment.

Overall, calore is a versatile word with multiple meanings and applications. Whether referring to the transfer of energy or the intensity of human emotion, it is a word that captures the essence of heat and warmth in all its forms.

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