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Camera is an Italian noun that refers to a room, typically in a house or hotel, where people sleep or stay temporarily.

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Meaning: room

La camera da letto è molto spaziosa.

The bedroom is very spacious.

Meaning: camera (photography)

Ho dimenticato la mia macchina fotografica a casa.

I forgot my camera at home.

Meaning: chamber

Il congresso si terrà nella camera dei deputati.

The congress will take place in the chamber of deputies.

Meaning: camera (video)

La telecamera di sicurezza ha registrato tutto l'incidente.

The security camera recorded the whole incident.


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A1: La camera è grande.

A1: The room is big.

A1: La mia camera è al primo piano.

A1: My room is on the first floor.

A1: Ho bisogno di una nuova camera.

A1: I need a new room.

B1: Ho prenotato una camera doppia per due notti.

B1: I booked a double room for two nights.

B1: La camera da letto è arredata con gusto.

B1: The bedroom is tastefully furnished.

B2: Abbiamo affittato una camera per le vacanze estive.

B2: We rented a room for the summer vacation.

B2: La camera era dotata di un balcone con vista sul mare.

B2: The room had a balcony with a sea view.

C1: Sono stato in una camera d'albergo con vasca idromassaggio.

C1: I stayed in a hotel room with a whirlpool tub.

C1: La camera era dotata di tutti i comfort, compreso il minibar.

C1: The room was equipped with all the comforts, including a minibar.

C2: La camera era così lussuosa che sembrava un sogno.

C2: The room was so luxurious that it felt like a dream.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word camera is commonly used to refer to a bedroom or guestroom. It is often found in hotel names and descriptions, such as 'camera singola' (single room) or 'camera matrimoniale' (double room). When booking accommodations in Italy, it's important to understand the different types of camera available and what they offer.

The word camera can also be used more broadly to refer to any type of enclosed space, such as a photography studio or a conference room. In these contexts, it may be modified with adjectives to indicate its specific purpose or features. For example, 'camera oscura' refers to a darkroom for developing photographs, while 'camera climatizzata' indicates a room with air conditioning.

In addition to its literal meaning as a physical space, the word camera has taken on new meanings in the digital age. It is now commonly used to refer to the built-in photographic device on smartphones and other electronic devices. In this sense, 'taking a photo with your camera' no longer requires a separate piece of equipment but simply means using the camera function on your phone or tablet.

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