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Meaning: truck

Il camion sta trasportando merci.

The truck is transporting goods.

Meaning: lorry

Il camion è pieno di materiali da costruzione.

The lorry is full of construction materials.

Meaning: van

Il camion è stato convertito in un furgone per il trasporto delle persone.

The van was converted from a truck for passenger transportation.

Meaning: pickup truck

Ho bisogno di un camion per trasportare i mobili.

I need a pickup truck to transport the furniture.

Meaning: semi-trailer truck

Il camion ha un rimorchio lungo attaccato.

The semi-trailer truck has a long trailer attached.


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A1: Il camion è grande.

A1: The truck is big.

A1: Ho visto un camion rosso per strada.

A1: I saw a red truck on the road.

A1: Mio padre guida un camion.

A1: My father drives a truck.

B1: Ho noleggiato un camion per il trasloco.

B1: I rented a truck for the move.

B1: Il camion stava viaggiando ad alta velocità sull'autostrada.

B1: The truck was traveling at high speed on the highway.

B2: Il camionista ha consegnato la merce al magazzino.

B2: The truck driver delivered the goods to the warehouse.

C1: Il camion era già partito quando sono arrivato alla stazione.

C1: The truck had already left when I arrived at the station.

C1: Se non avessi preso il camion sbagliato, sarei arrivato in tempo all'appuntamento.

C1: If I hadn't taken the wrong truck, I would have arrived on time for the appointment.

C2: Dopo aver guidato per ore, il camionista si fermò per fare una pausa.

C2: After driving for hours, the truck driver stopped to take a break.

Advanced Description

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Camion is an Italian noun that refers to a type of vehicle commonly known as a truck in English. It is used to describe a large motor vehicle designed to transport goods or carry heavy loads.

In Italy, camions are widely used for commercial purposes, such as delivering goods and transporting materials. They come in various sizes and configurations, including flatbeds, box trucks, and tractor-trailers.

The word 'camion' can also be used more broadly to refer to any type of truck or lorry, regardless of its size or purpose.

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