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Meaning: bell

La campana della chiesa suona ogni mattina.

The church bell rings every morning.

Meaning: campaign

La campagna pubblicitaria ha aumentato le vendite del prodotto.

The advertising campaign increased product sales.

Meaning: skirt

Indossa una campana a pieghe per la festa.

She is wearing a pleated skirt for the party.

Meaning: flask

Ho comprato una nuova campana per l'acqua.

I bought a new flask for water.

Meaning: bailiff

Il giudice ha inviato il campana per notificare l'ordine di arresto.

The judge sent the bailiff to serve the arrest warrant.


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A1: Ho una campana sul mio tavolo.

A1: I have a bell on my table.

A1: La campana della scuola suona alle otto di mattina.

A1: The school bell rings at eight in the morning.

A1: La campana è fatta di metallo.

A1: The bell is made of metal.

B1: Ho suonato la campana per avvertire gli altri del pericolo.

B1: I rang the bell to warn others of the danger.

B1: La campana suonerà alle sei di sera.

B1: The bell will ring at six in the evening.

B2: Quando ero giovane, suonavo la campana della chiesa ogni domenica.

B2: When I was young, I used to ring the church bell every Sunday.

C1: La campana ha suonato a festa quando hanno annunciato il vincitore.

C1: The bell rang in celebration when they announced the winner.

C1: Dopo aver studiato per anni, finalmente ho conseguito la laurea a pieni voti. È stata una vera campana!

C1: After studying for years, I finally graduated with top honors. It was a real triumph!

C2: La campana del villaggio risuonava nel silenzio della notte, creando un'atmosfera magica.

C2: The village bell echoed in the silence of the night, creating a magical atmosphere.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'campana' in Italian means 'bell' in English. It refers to a hollow metal object that produces a ringing sound when struck or when a clapper inside it moves.

In Italy, bells have played an important role in the culture and history of the country. They are commonly found in churches and cathedrals, where they are rung to announce religious services, mark important events, or call people to prayer.

Campanas can also be found in other contexts, such as on ships or in clock towers, where they serve as signals or timekeepers. Additionally, campanas are often used in musical instruments like carillons or chimes.

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