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Campo is an Italian noun that translates to 'field' in English. It refers to a piece of land, usually rural or agricultural, that is used for cultivation, grazing livestock, or other outdoor activities.

Part of speech





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Meaning: field

Il contadino lavora nel campo.

The farmer works in the field.

Meaning: camp

I bambini vanno in campo estivo.

The children go to summer camp.

Meaning: scope

Questa ricerca rientra nel campo della biologia.

This research falls within the scope of biology.

Meaning: area

Mi piace passeggiare per il centro storico di questa città, è un bel campo da esplorare.

I enjoy walking around the historic center of this city, it's a nice area to explore.

Meaning: ground

La palla ha rimbalzato sul campo e si è fermata.

The ball bounced on the ground and stopped.


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A1: Il campo di calcio è grande.

The soccer field is big.

A2: Lavoro in un campo di grano.

I work in a wheat field.

A2: Il campo di battaglia era coperto di neve.

The battlefield was covered in snow.

B1: Abbiamo giocato una partita sul campo nuovo.

We played a game on the new field. (past simple)

B2: Il campo sarà pronto per la prossima stagione.

The field will be ready for the next season. (future simple)

B2: Siamo stati nel campo per tre settimane.

We have been in the field for three weeks. (present perfect)

C1: Il campo di ricerca si concentra sulla medicina rigenerativa.

The research field focuses on regenerative medicine. (present simple)

C2: Dopo aver completato il dottorato, ha deciso di entrare nel campo accademico.

After completing his PhD, he decided to enter the academic field. (past perfect)

C2: Nel campo della fisica quantistica, i risultati delle ricerche sono spesso sorprendenti.

In the field of quantum physics, research results are often surprising. (present indicative)

Advanced Description

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In Italy, campo is a common word used to describe the vast expanses of farmland that cover much of the countryside. These fields are often divided into smaller plots owned by different farmers and used for growing crops such as wheat, corn, and sunflowers. The fertile soil and temperate climate make Italy an ideal location for agriculture, and many traditional farming practices are still in use today.

Aside from agriculture, campo can also refer to other types of outdoor spaces. For example, a campo sportivo is a sports field where games like soccer or rugby are played. In some cities, there are also campi da tennis or tennis courts where people can play the popular racquet sport. Additionally, campo can be used to describe any open area where people gather for events or festivals.

Overall, campo is a versatile word that encompasses a variety of outdoor spaces in Italy. Whether you're admiring the rolling hills of Tuscany's wine country or playing a pickup game of calcio with friends, chances are you'll encounter a campo at some point during your travels in Italy.

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