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Cane is an Italian noun that refers to a domesticated mammal commonly known as a dog.

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Meaning: dog

Il cane è il mio migliore amico.

The dog is my best friend.

Meaning: walking stick

Ho bisogno di un nuovo cane per camminare.

I need a new walking stick.

Meaning: pipe

Mio nonno fuma la pipa con il suo cane preferito.

My grandfather smokes his pipe with his favorite pipe.

Meaning: hoist

Abbiamo usato un cane per sollevare i mobili pesanti.

We used a hoist to lift the heavy furniture.


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A1: Il cane è un animale domestico.

A1: The dog is a domestic animal.

A1: Ho visto un cane nel parco oggi.

A1: I saw a dog in the park today.

A1: Mia sorella ha un cane di nome Max.

A1: My sister has a dog named Max.

B1: Il mio vicino di casa ha addestrato il suo cane per fare trucchi.

B1: My neighbor trained his dog to do tricks.

B1: Quando ero bambino, avevamo un cane che ci proteggeva sempre.

B1: When I was a child, we had a dog that always protected us.

B2: Lui sta portando fuori il cane per una passeggiata.

B2: He is taking the dog out for a walk.

B2: La mia amica ha avuto un incidente mentre stava giocando con il suo cane.

B2: My friend had an accident while playing with her dog.

C1: Dopo aver perso il suo cane, ha deciso di adottarne un altro dal canile.

C1: After losing his dog, he decided to adopt another one from the shelter.

C1: Il cane ha un olfatto molto sviluppato e può fiutare anche le più piccole tracce di cibo.

C1: Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and can detect even the smallest traces of food.

C2: Durante la terapia assistita con gli animali, il cane viene utilizzato per migliorare il benessere delle persone.

C2: During animal-assisted therapy, dogs are used to improve people's well-being.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the word cane is used to refer to all types of dogs, regardless of their breed or size. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and are widely regarded as loyal companions and protectors. They are often kept as pets in households and trained for various purposes such as hunting, herding, and assisting people with disabilities.

The history of dogs in Italy can be traced back to ancient times when they were used by the Romans for hunting and guarding. Over time, different breeds were developed for specific tasks, such as the Neapolitan Mastiff for guarding property and the Lagotto Romagnolo for truffle hunting. Today, there are over 30 recognized breeds of dogs in Italy.

Cane is also used in various Italian expressions and idioms. For example, 'prendere il cane per la coda' (literally meaning 'to take the dog by its tail') is an idiom that means to approach a problem from the wrong end or to tackle a situation in an ineffective way. Another common expression is 'fare il cane da guardia' (meaning 'to act like a guard dog'), which refers to someone who is overly protective or vigilant.

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