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The Italian verb cantare means to sing.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to sing

Mi piace cantare sotto la doccia.

I like to sing in the shower.

Meaning: to chant

I monaci cantano durante le preghiere.

The monks chant during prayers.

Meaning: to recite

Il poeta ha cantato una poesia al pubblico.

The poet recited a poem to the audience.

Meaning: to tell on someone

Non mi piace che tu canti su di me agli altri.

I don't like that you tell on me to others.

Meaning: to reveal

La prova ha cantato la verità sul caso.

The evidence revealed the truth about the case.



  • io canto
  • tu canti
  • egli/ella canta
  • noi cantiamo
  • voi cantate
  • essi/esse cantano


  • io ho cantato
  • tu hai cantato
  • egli/ella ha cantato
  • noi abbiamo cantato
  • voi avete cantato
  • essi/esse hanno cantato


  • io canterò
  • tu canterai
  • egli/ella canterà
  • noi canteremo
  • voi canterete
  • essi/esse canteranno


  • io avevo cantato
  • tu avevi cantato
  • egli/ella aveva cantato
  • noi avevamo cantato
  • voi avevate cantato
  • essi/esse avevano cantato

Simple Past

  • io cantai
  • tu cantasti
  • egli/ella cantò
  • noi cantammo
  • voi cantaste
  • essi/esse cantarono


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A1: Io canto una canzone.

A1: I sing a song.

A1: Tu canti molto bene.

A1: You sing very well.

A1: Lui/lei canta in un coro.

A1: He/she sings in a choir.

B1: Noi abbiamo cantato al concerto ieri sera.

B1: We sang at the concert last night.

B2: Voi state cantando la tua canzone preferita.

B2: You are singing your favorite song.

B2: Loro hanno cantato insieme per molti anni.

B2: They have sung together for many years.

C1: Ho cantato questa canzone molte volte prima di esibirsi sul palco.

C1: I have sung this song many times before performing on stage.

C1: Stavo cantando quando mi hai chiamato.

C1: I was singing when you called me.

C2: Avrò cantato tutte le mie canzoni famose entro la fine dell'anno.

C2: I will have sung all my famous songs by the end of the year.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Cantare is a common verb in the Italian language and is often used in everyday conversation. It is an action verb that refers to the act of producing musical sounds with the voice. The verb can be used in various tenses, such as present, past, and future, depending on the context of the sentence.

In addition to its literal meaning of singing, cantare can also be used figuratively to express other concepts related to music or sound. For example, it can be used to describe someone who has a beautiful singing voice or to refer to a group of people singing together in harmony.

Overall, cantare is an important verb for anyone learning Italian or interested in Italian culture. Whether you are discussing music, expressing your emotions through song, or simply having a conversation with friends, this versatile verb is sure to come up frequently.

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