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Meaning: construction site

Il cantiere è pieno di operai che lavorano.

The construction site is full of workers working.

Meaning: shipyard

Il cantiere navale costruisce navi da guerra.

The shipyard builds warships.

Meaning: workshop

Nel cantiere si svolge un workshop di falegnameria.

A woodworking workshop takes place in the workshop.

Meaning: yard

I bambini giocano nel cantiere del quartiere.

The children play in the neighborhood yard.


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A1: Il cantiere è pieno di operai.

A1: The construction site is full of workers.

A1: Il cantiere è chiuso per lavori.

A1: The construction site is closed for work.

A1: Il cantiere è rumoroso.

A1: The construction site is noisy.

B1: I lavoratori stanno costruendo un nuovo edificio nel cantiere.

B1: The workers are building a new building in the construction site.

B1: Il cantiere sarà completato entro la fine del mese.

B1: The construction site will be completed by the end of the month.

B2: Durante la visita guidata, ci hanno mostrato i progressi fatti nel cantiere.

B2: During the guided tour, they showed us the progress made in the construction site.

C1: Il cantiere era stato abbandonato da anni prima che venisse riaperto per la ristrutturazione.

C1: The construction site had been abandoned for years before it was reopened for renovation.

C1: Sono stati impiegati nuovi metodi di costruzione nel cantiere per aumentare l'efficienza.

C1: New construction methods have been employed in the construction site to increase efficiency.

C2: Il cantiere è stato sottoposto a un'ispezione approfondita per garantire la conformità alle normative di sicurezza.

C2: The construction site underwent a thorough inspection to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "cantiere" is an Italian noun that translates to "construction site" in English. It refers to a location where construction or building work is taking place.

In Italy, cantiere is a common term used in the construction industry to describe a specific area designated for construction activities. It can be a temporary site where buildings, roads, bridges, or other infrastructure projects are being built or renovated.

Cantieri are typically marked by the presence of heavy machinery, construction materials, and workers. They are often enclosed with fences or barriers to ensure safety and security during the construction process.

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