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Meaning: hair

Ho i capelli lunghi e biondi.

I have long and blonde hair.

Meaning: hat

Mi piace indossare un bel cappello quando fa freddo.

I like to wear a nice hat when it's cold.

Meaning: hood

Metti il cappello sulla testa per proteggerti dalla pioggia.

Put the hood on your head to protect yourself from the rain.

Meaning: cap

Il giocatore di baseball ha indossato un cappello durante la partita.

The baseball player wore a cap during the game.

Meaning: top of a column or pillar

La statua è posta sul cappello della colonna.

The statue is placed on top of the column.


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A1: Ho un capello nero.

I have black hair.

A2: Mia sorella ha i capelli lunghi.

My sister has long hair.

A2: Il mio amico ha i capelli ricci.

My friend has curly hair.

B1: Oggi mi sono tagliato i capelli.

Today I cut my hair.

B2: Quando ero giovane, avevo i capelli biondi.

When I was young, I had blond hair.

B2: Domani andrò dal parrucchiere per farmi tingere i capelli.

Tomorrow I will go to the hairdresser to dye my hair.

C1: Spero che tu abbia fatto una buona acconciatura per il matrimonio.

I hope you have a good hairstyle for the wedding.

C1: Dopo la tintura, i miei capelli sembrano molto più luminosi.

After the dyeing, my hair looks much brighter.

C2: La mia nonna ha perso tutti i suoi capelli durante la chemioterapia.

My grandmother lost all her hair during chemotherapy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Capello is an Italian noun that translates to 'hair' in English. It refers to the strands of protein that grow from the follicles on the human scalp.

In Italian culture, hair has been considered an important aspect of beauty and personal expression for centuries. Italians have a rich history of various hairstyles and haircare practices, which often reflect their regional traditions and fashion trends.

Understanding the meaning of capello can help you navigate conversations about personal grooming, fashion, and cultural references related to hair in Italian-speaking contexts.

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