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Meaning: coat

Ho comprato un nuovo cappotto per l'inverno.

I bought a new coat for the winter.

Meaning: overcoat

Indossa sempre un cappotto pesante quando fa freddo.

He always wears a heavy overcoat when it's cold.

Meaning: jacket

Il ragazzo ha lasciato il suo cappotto in ufficio.

The boy left his jacket at the office.

Meaning: cloak

La principessa indossava un elegante cappotto rosso.

The princess was wearing an elegant red cloak.


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A1: Ho comprato un cappotto nuovo.

A1: I bought a new coat.

A1: Il mio cappotto è caldo.

A1: My coat is warm.

A1: Mi piace indossare il cappotto d'inverno.

A1: I like to wear a coat in winter.

B1: Ho lasciato il mio cappotto al ristorante ieri sera.

B1: I left my coat at the restaurant last night.

B1: Mia madre mi ha regalato un cappotto di lana per Natale.

B1: My mother gave me a woolen coat for Christmas.

B1: Quando ero giovane, avevo un cappotto rosso molto elegante.

B1: When I was young, I had a very elegant red coat.

C1: Spero che tu abbia preso il tuo cappotto prima di uscire.

C1: I hope you took your coat before leaving.

C1: Se non avessi perso il mio cappotto, sarei stato più caldo oggi.

C1: If I hadn't lost my coat, I would have been warmer today.

C1: Non vedo l'ora di indossare il mio nuovo cappotto di pelle.

C1: I can't wait to wear my new leather coat.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'cappotto' translates to 'coat' in English. It refers to a long outer garment that is worn over other clothing to provide warmth and protection from the weather.

Cappotti come in various styles, lengths, and materials, such as wool, cashmere, or synthetic fibers. They are typically designed with buttons or zippers for closure and may have additional features like pockets, hoods, or belts.

Cappotti are commonly worn during colder seasons and are considered a staple in many people's wardrobes. They can be both functional and fashionable, providing both insulation and style to the wearer.

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