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Meaning: expensive

Quel vestito è molto caro.

That dress is very expensive.

Meaning: dear

Mia nonna è una persona cara per me.

My grandmother is a dear person to me.

Meaning: beloved

Il mio cane è il mio animale domestico più caro.

My dog is my most beloved pet.

Meaning: precious

Ho perso un oggetto molto caro.

I lost a precious object.

Meaning: valuable

Questa moneta antica è molto cara.

This ancient coin is very valuable.


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A1: Ho comprato un caro regalo per il mio amico.

A1: I bought an expensive gift for my friend.

A1: Il ristorante è troppo caro per me.

A1: The restaurant is too expensive for me.

A1: Quella maglietta è molto cara.

A1: That t-shirt is very expensive.

B1: Sono andato a cena in un ristorante caro ieri sera.

B1: I went to have dinner at an expensive restaurant last night.

B1: Mia sorella ha comprato una macchina nuova, ma è stata una spesa cara.

B1: My sister bought a new car, but it was an expensive purchase.

B1: Non posso permettermi di fare viaggi così costosi.

B1: I can't afford to take such expensive trips.

C1: La mia casa è situata in una zona residenziale molto cara.

C1: My house is located in a very expensive residential area.

C1: L'assicurazione per la mia auto è diventata sempre più cara ogni anno.

C1: The insurance for my car has become more and more expensive every year.

C1: La vita in questa città è davvero cara, ma ne vale la pena per le opportunità di lavoro.

C1: Life in this city is really expensive, but it's worth it for the job opportunities.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian adjective 'caro' means 'expensive' in English. It is used to describe something that has a high price or cost.

For example, if you see a designer handbag with a hefty price tag, you can say that it is 'caro'. Similarly, if you dine at an upscale restaurant and the bill is quite expensive, you can use the word 'caro' to describe the meal.

It's important to note that 'caro' is gendered and changes form depending on the noun it modifies. When describing a masculine singular noun, it becomes 'caro'. For a feminine singular noun, it becomes 'cara'. And for plural nouns, it becomes 'cari' for masculine and 'care' for feminine.

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