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Casa is an Italian noun that refers to a house or a home.

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Meaning: house

La mia casa è grande e luminosa.

My house is big and bright.

Meaning: home

Torno a casa dopo il lavoro.

I go home after work.

Meaning: building

Quel palazzo è una casa di riposo per anziani.

That building is a nursing home for the elderly.

Meaning: family

Siamo una famiglia molto unita, la casa è sempre piena di gente.

We are a very close family, the home is always full of people.


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A1: La mia casa è grande.

My house is big.

A1: Ho bisogno di una casa nuova.

I need a new house.

A2: La casa di Maria è vicino alla stazione.

Maria's house is close to the station.

B1: Abbiamo comprato la casa tre anni fa.

We bought the house three years ago.

B1: Sto cercando una casa in affitto nel centro della città.

I'm looking for a house to rent in the city center.

B2: Quando ero giovane, volevo costruire la mia casa da solo.

When I was young, I wanted to build my own house.

C1: Dopo aver ristrutturato la casa, abbiamo deciso di venderla.

After renovating the house, we decided to sell it.

C1: Nonostante il prezzo elevato, la casa ha attirato molti acquirenti.

Despite the high price, the house attracted many buyers.

C2: Se avessi saputo che quella era l'ultima volta che avrei visto la mia vecchia casa, avrei fatto più foto.

If I had known that was the last time I would see my old house, I would have taken more photos.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the concept of casa holds great cultural significance. It is not just a physical structure but also represents a sense of belonging and family. The casa is often seen as a place where one can find comfort, safety, and relaxation.

The architecture of Italian casas varies greatly depending on the region and historical period. Some casas are grand palaces with ornate decorations, while others are simple stone cottages in rural areas. However, regardless of their appearance, all casas share the common function of providing shelter and a place to live.

Owning a casa in Italy is considered a major accomplishment and a symbol of success. Many families pass down their casas from generation to generation, creating strong emotional ties to the property. Additionally, owning a casa in Italy can be a good investment due to the country's popularity as a tourist destination.

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