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Causa is an Italian noun that refers to a legal case or lawsuit.

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Meaning: cause

La causa dell'incidente è ancora sconosciuta.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Meaning: lawsuit

Il tribunale ha respinto la causa per mancanza di prove.

The court dismissed the lawsuit due to lack of evidence.

Meaning: reason

La tua causa per non venire alla festa non è valida.

Your reason for not coming to the party is not valid.

Meaning: case

La mia amica ha vinto la sua causa in tribunale.

My friend won her case in court.

Meaning: motive

Non capisco quale sia la tua causa per comportarti così.

I don't understand what your motive is for behaving like this.


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A1: La causa del problema è il cattivo funzionamento del computer.

A1: The cause of the problem is the computer malfunction.

A1: Non conosco la causa della sua assenza.

A1: I don't know the reason for his absence.

A1: La causa dell'incidente stradale è stata la mancanza di attenzione del conducente.

A1: The cause of the car accident was the driver's lack of attention.

B1: La causa principale della crisi economica è stata la speculazione finanziaria.

B1: The main cause of the economic crisis was financial speculation.

B1: Gli scienziati stanno cercando di individuare la causa dell'inquinamento atmosferico.

B1: Scientists are trying to identify the cause of air pollution.

B2: Dopo un'accurata analisi, è emerso che la causa del fallimento dell'azienda era una gestione inefficiente.

B2: After a thorough analysis, it emerged that the cause of the company's failure was inefficient management.

B2: La causa del conflitto tra i due paesi risiede nelle divergenze politiche e territoriali.

B2: The cause of the conflict between the two countries lies in political and territorial differences.

C1: Nonostante le numerose indagini, la causa dell'incidente aereo rimane ancora sconosciuta.

C1: Despite numerous investigations, the cause of the plane crash remains unknown.

C1: La causa del deterioramento delle relazioni diplomatiche tra i due paesi è stata una serie di misure unilaterali prese da entrambe le parti.

C1: The cause of the deterioration of diplomatic relations between the two countries was a series of unilateral measures taken by both parties.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, the term causa is commonly used in legal contexts. It refers to a legal case or lawsuit that is brought before a court of law. The word can be used to describe any type of legal action, whether it is civil or criminal in nature.

When someone initiates a causa, they are essentially asking the court to resolve a dispute or issue that they have with another person or entity. This could be anything from a breach of contract to a personal injury claim. The outcome of the causa will depend on the evidence presented and the decision of the judge or jury.

It's worth noting that causa is not just limited to Italy. The term is also used in other countries that have a legal system based on Roman law, such as Spain and Portugal. However, the exact meaning and usage of the word may vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction.

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