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Cavallo is an Italian noun that translates to 'horse' in English.

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Meaning: horse

Il cavallo galoppa nel prato.

The horse is galloping in the meadow.

Meaning: knight

Il re ha inviato un cavaliere per proteggere il regno.

The king sent a knight to protect the kingdom.

Meaning: chess piece

Muovi il cavallo sulla scacchiera.

Move the chess piece on the board.

Meaning: jack (playing card)

Ho pescato un cavallo di cuori.

I drew a jack of hearts.

Meaning: bicycle (slang)

Vado al lavoro in cavallo.

I go to work by bike.


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A1: Il cavallo è un animale da sella.

A1: The horse is a riding animal.

A1: Mio nonno ha un cavallo nel suo ranch.

A1: My grandfather has a horse on his ranch.

A1: Mia sorella ama andare a cavallo.

A1: My sister loves to go horseback riding.

B1: Ho comprato un nuovo cavallo per le gare di domenica.

B1: I bought a new horse for Sunday's races.

B1: Il mio amico sta imparando ad allenare i cavalli da corsa.

B1: My friend is learning how to train racehorses.

B2: Siamo stati in vacanza in una fattoria dove abbiamo fatto equitazione ogni giorno.

B2: We went on vacation to a farm where we went horseback riding every day.

B2: La mia famiglia possiede una scuderia di cavalli da trottola.

B2: My family owns a stable of trotting horses.

C1: Dopo aver vinto la gara, il fantino fece scendere il cavallo e lo portò al recinto.

C1: After winning the race, the jockey dismounted the horse and took it to the enclosure.

C1: Il cavallo da tiro trainava il carro pesante con facilità.

C1: The draught horse pulled the heavy cart with ease.

C2: Durante la competizione, il cavaliere dimostrò un controllo impeccabile del suo cavallo.

C2: During the competition, the rider demonstrated impeccable control of his horse.

Advanced Description

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The word cavallo is commonly used in Italy to refer to the domesticated mammal Equus ferus caballus, which has been bred by humans for various purposes such as transportation, agriculture, and sports. Horses have played a significant role in human history and continue to be an important part of many cultures around the world.

In addition to its literal meaning, cavallo can also be used metaphorically in Italian. For example, the phrase 'prendere il cavallo per la briglia' (literally 'take the horse by the reins') means to take control of a situation or problem. Similarly, the expression 'cavalcare l'onda' (literally 'ride the wave') means to take advantage of a favorable situation.

Overall, cavallo is a versatile word with both literal and figurative meanings. Whether you are talking about actual horses or using the word in a metaphorical sense, it is an important term to know if you want to communicate effectively in Italian.

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