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Cento is an Italian noun that means one hundred.

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Meaning: hundred

Ho cento euro in tasca.

I have a hundred euros in my pocket.

Meaning: hundredth

Oggi è il centoventesimo giorno dell'anno.

Today is the one hundred and twentieth day of the year.

Meaning: a hundred percent

Sono cento per cento sicuro di aver ragione.

I am a hundred percent sure I am right.

Meaning: hundredfold

Il valore delle azioni è aumentato di cento volte.

The value of the stocks has increased a hundredfold.


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A1: Ho cento euro nel mio portafoglio.

A1: I have one hundred euros in my wallet.

A1: Il libro ha cento pagine.

A1: The book has one hundred pages.

A1: Ci sono cento studenti nella classe.

A1: There are one hundred students in the class.

B1: Ho letto cento pagine del libro finora.

B1: I have read one hundred pages of the book so far.

B1: Mia nonna ha vissuto per cento anni.

B1: My grandmother lived for one hundred years.

B1: Abbiamo camminato per cento chilometri durante la gita.

B1: We walked for one hundred kilometers during the trip.

C1: Dopo aver lavorato per cento ore consecutive, ero esausto.

C1: After working for one hundred consecutive hours, I was exhausted.

C1: Cento persone hanno partecipato alla conferenza internazionale.

C1: One hundred people attended the international conference.

C1: La squadra di calcio ha segnato cento gol nella stagione.

C1: The soccer team scored one hundred goals in the season.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italy, cento is commonly used to refer to the number 100. It is often used in counting and measuring things such as money, time, and distance. For example, if you want to say that you have 100 euros, you would say 'ho cento euro'.

Cento can also be used in a figurative sense to mean a large amount or quantity of something. For instance, if someone says 'ho cento cose da fare' it means they have a lot of things to do. In this context, cento is not necessarily referring to the exact number 100, but rather a significant amount.

It is important to note that cento is always written as one word and never separated into 'cen' and 'to'. This is because it is considered a single unit of measurement or quantity.

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