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Meaning: center

Il centro della città è molto affollato.

The center of the city is very crowded.

Meaning: downtown

Vado spesso al centro per fare shopping.

I often go downtown for shopping.

Meaning: core

La matematica è il centro del mio lavoro.

Mathematics is the core of my work.

Meaning: hub

L'aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino è un importante centro di trasporto.

Rome Fiumicino Airport is an important transportation hub.

Meaning: middle

Ho messo il libro al centro dello scaffale.

I put the book in the middle of the shelf.


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A1: Il centro commerciale è molto grande.

The shopping center is very big.

A1: Vado al centro per fare la spesa.

I go to the center to do the shopping.

A1: Il centro città è pieno di negozi.

The city center is full of shops.

B1: Ho bisogno di andare in centro per comprare un regalo.

I need to go downtown to buy a gift.

B1: Sono stato al centro benessere per rilassarmi.

I went to the wellness center to relax.

B1: Mia sorella lavora nel centro storico di Firenze.

My sister works in the historic center of Florence.

C1: Dopo aver visitato il centro archeologico, abbiamo mangiato in un ristorante vicino.

After visiting the archaeological center, we ate at a nearby restaurant.

C1: Nel centro culturale si tengono spesso mostre d'arte contemporanea.

Contemporary art exhibitions are often held in the cultural center.

C1: Il centro medico offre servizi sanitari di alta qualità.

The medical center offers high-quality healthcare services.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'centro' translates to 'center' in English. It is a masculine noun that refers to the middle or central part of something.

In the context of geography, 'centro' can refer to the city center or downtown area of a town or city. It is often the hub of commercial and cultural activities, with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues concentrated in this area.

'Centro' can also be used to describe an organization or institution that serves as a central point for a specific purpose. For example, a 'centro culturale' is a cultural center that offers various artistic and educational programs to the community.

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