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Meaning: circle

Il cerchio è una figura geometrica.

The circle is a geometric shape.

Meaning: ring

Mio nonno mi ha regalato un cerchio d'oro.

My grandfather gave me a gold ring.

Meaning: hoop

Il bambino saltava attraverso il cerchio.

The child was jumping through the hoop.

Meaning: roundabout

Prendi la seconda uscita del cerchio stradale.

Take the second exit of the roundabout.


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A1: Il cerchio è una figura geometrica.

A1: The circle is a geometric shape.

A1: Disegna un cerchio sul foglio.

A1: Draw a circle on the paper.

A1: Ho visto un cerchio di fuoco nel cielo.

A1: I saw a ring of fire in the sky.

B1: La pista da ballo era circondata da un cerchio di luci.

B1: The dance floor was surrounded by a circle of lights.

B1: La squadra ha formato un cerchio per discutere la strategia di gioco.

B1: The team formed a circle to discuss the game strategy.

B2: Il cerchio si sta allargando sempre di più.

B2: The circle is expanding more and more.

C1: Il cerchio è considerato uno dei simboli più antichi e universali.

C1: The circle is considered one of the oldest and most universal symbols.

C1: L'artista ha dipinto un cerchio perfetto sulla tela bianca.

C1: The artist painted a perfect circle on the white canvas.

C2: Nel libro, l'autore analizza il concetto del cerchio come simbolo di perfezione e infinito.

C2: In the book, the author analyzes the concept of the circle as a symbol of perfection and infinity.

Advanced Description

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The word "cerchio" in Italian means "circle" in English. It is a noun that refers to a perfectly round shape with all points equidistant from the center.

In geometry, a circle is defined as the set of all points in a plane that are at a fixed distance, called the radius, from a given point, called the center. It is one of the most fundamental shapes in mathematics and has various applications in different fields such as architecture, engineering, and art.

Circles can be found in nature, such as the shape of the sun, moon, and planets. They are also commonly used in everyday objects like wheels, coins, and plates. The concept of a circle is often associated with ideas of perfection, harmony, and infinity.

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