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The Italian adjective certo means 'certain' or 'sure'.

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Meaning: sure

Sono certo che arriverà in tempo.

I am sure he will arrive on time.

Meaning: certain

Ho una certa idea di come risolvere il problema.

I have a certain idea of how to solve the problem.

Meaning: some

Ho bisogno di un certo tempo per pensarci.

I need some time to think about it.

Meaning: specific

Mi serve un certo tipo di carta per questa stampante.

I need a specific type of paper for this printer.


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A1: Ho certo bisogno di una pausa.

A1: I certainly need a break.

A1: È certo che arriverà in ritardo.

A1: It is certain that he will arrive late.

A1: Sono certo che hai ragione.

A1: I am sure you are right.

B1: Non è certo il momento giusto per parlare di questo.

B1: It's not the right time to talk about this for sure.

B1: Sono sicuro che avrà successo nel suo nuovo lavoro.

B1: I am certain that he will succeed in his new job.

B1: Sei certa di aver chiuso la porta a chiave?

B1: Are you sure you locked the door?

C1: È certo che siamo stati ingannati.

C1: It is certain that we have been deceived.

C1: Non è affatto certo che riuscirai ad ottenere quel risultato.

C1: It is by no means certain that you will achieve that result.

C1: Dopo lunghe indagini, la polizia ha finalmente arrestato il colpevole con certezza.

C1: After extensive investigations, the police finally arrested the culprit with certainty.

Advanced Description

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Certo is a commonly used word in the Italian language, and it can be used in many different contexts. It is often used to express certainty or confidence about something. For example, if someone asks you if you are sure about a decision you made, you could respond with 'certo', meaning that you are certain.

In addition to expressing certainty, certo can also be used to indicate agreement or confirmation. For instance, if someone says something that you agree with, you might respond with 'certo', similar to saying 'of course' in English.

Overall, the word certo is an important part of Italian vocabulary and can be used in a variety of situations. Whether expressing certainty, agreement, or confirmation, this versatile adjective is a useful tool for communicating effectively in Italian.

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