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Chiamata is an Italian noun that translates to 'call' in English. It refers to the act of making a phone call or any other form of communication where one person reaches out to another.

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Meaning: phone call

Ho ricevuto una chiamata importante.

I received an important phone call.

Meaning: summons

Mi è arrivata una chiamata dal tribunale.

I received a summons from the court.

Meaning: call

Fai una chiamata al tuo amico per organizzare l'incontro.

Make a call to your friend to organize the meeting.

Meaning: naming

La chiamata del nuovo prodotto ha suscitato molto interesse.

The naming of the new product has generated a lot of interest.

Meaning: vocation

Ha trovato la sua vera chiamata nella musica.

He found his true vocation in music.


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Ho ricevuto una chiamata dal mio amico.

I received a call from my friend.

La chiamata era urgente.

The call was urgent.

Mi piace fare lunghe chiamate con mia madre.

I enjoy having long conversations with my mother.

Sto aspettando una chiamata importante.

I am waiting for an important call.

Dopo la chiamata, ho deciso di accettare l'offerta di lavoro.

After the call, I decided to accept the job offer.

Mia sorella ha fatto una chiamata per prenotare un tavolo al ristorante.

My sister made a call to book a table at the restaurant.

Prima della chiamata, avevo già inviato il mio curriculum vitae.

Before the call, I had already sent my resume.

Se avessi saputo che era lui, non avrei risposto alla chiamata.

If I had known it was him, I wouldn't have answered the call.

Dopo aver finito la chiamata, mi sono reso conto di aver commesso un errore.

After finishing the call, I realized that I had made a mistake.

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In Italy, chiamata is a common term used when referring to phone calls. It can be used in both formal and informal settings and is often accompanied by the verb fare, which means 'to make'. For example, if someone wants to say they made a phone call, they would say 'ho fatto una chiamata'.

Chiamata can also refer to other forms of communication besides phone calls. For instance, it can be used to describe a meeting or gathering where people come together to discuss something important. In this context, chiamata can be translated as 'summons' or 'call to action'.

In addition to its literal meaning, chiamata can also have figurative connotations. For example, it can be used to describe a wake-up call or a sudden realization that prompts someone to take action. In this sense, chiamata implies a sense of urgency and importance.

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