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Meaning: key (object used to open or close a lock)

Ho perso la chiave di casa.

I lost the house key.

Meaning: key (symbolic representation of access or control)

La conoscenza è la chiave per il successo.

Knowledge is the key to success.

Meaning: key (button on a keyboard or musical instrument)

Premi il tasto con la chiave per confermare l'operazione.

Press the key with the arrow to confirm the operation.

Meaning: key (important piece of information)

La chiave del mistero si trova nel diario della vittima.

The key to the mystery lies in the victim's diary.

Meaning: key (tonal center in music)

La tonalità di questa canzone è in chiave di sol maggiore.

The key of this song is in G major.


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A1: Ho perso la chiave di casa.

A1: I lost the house key.

A1: La chiave è nel cassetto.

A1: The key is in the drawer.

A1: Hai una chiave per aprire questa porta?

A1: Do you have a key to open this door?

B1: Ho dimenticato la chiave della macchina a casa.

B1: I forgot the car key at home.

B1: Mia madre mi ha dato una chiave di emergenza.

B1: My mother gave me an emergency key.

B2: Ho perso la chiave dell'ufficio ieri, ma ho già fatto una copia.

B2: I lost the office key yesterday, but I already made a copy.

C1: Non riesco a trovare la chiave del mistero che risolve tutto.

C1: I can't find the key to the mystery that solves everything.

C1: La chiave del successo è l'impegno costante e la perseveranza.

C1: The key to success is constant commitment and perseverance.

C2: Il professore ha condiviso le chiavi di lettura del romanzo durante la conferenza.

C2: The professor shared the keys to interpreting the novel during the conference.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'chiave' in Italian translates to 'key' in English. It refers to a small metal or plastic device used to open or lock something, such as a door, a car, or a padlock.

In addition to its literal meaning, 'chiave' can also be used metaphorically to represent something that is essential or crucial. For example, someone might say that knowledge is the key to success.

It's worth noting that 'chiave' is a feminine noun in Italian and its plural form is 'chiavi'.

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