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Chiudere is an Italian verb that means 'to close'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to close (something)

Ho bisogno di chiudere la finestra.

I need to close the window.

Meaning: to shut down

Devo chiudere il computer.

I need to shut down the computer.

Meaning: to conclude

Voglio chiudere l'accordo oggi stesso.

I want to conclude the deal today itself.

Meaning: to lock up

Chiudi la porta a chiave quando esci.

Lock the door when you leave.

Meaning: to end a conversation or relationship

Non voglio più parlare con lui, devo chiudere questa storia.

I don't want to talk to him anymore, I need to end this story.



  • io chiudo
  • tu chiudi
  • lui/lei chiude
  • noi chiudiamo
  • voi chiudete
  • loro chiudono


  • io ho chiuso
  • tu hai chiuso
  • lui/lei ha chiuso
  • noi abbiamo chiuso
  • voi avete chiuso
  • loro hanno chiuso


  • io chiuderò
  • tu chiuderai
  • lui/lei chiuderà
  • noi chiuderemo
  • voi chiuderete
  • loro chiuderanno


  • io avevo chiuso
  • tu avevi chiuso
  • lui/lei aveva chiuso
  • noi avevamo chiuso
  • voi avevate chiuso
  • loro avevano chiuso

Simple Past

  • io chiusi
  • tu chiudesti
  • lui/lei chiuse
  • noi chiudemmo
  • voi chiudeste
  • loro chiusero


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A1: Chiudo la finestra.

I close the window.

A1: Ho chiuso la porta.

I closed the door.

A2: Devi chiudere il libro.

You need to close the book.

B1: Quando chiuderai l'accordo, fammelo sapere.

When you close the deal, let me know.

B1: Ho chiuso gli occhi e ho cercato di rilassarmi.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

B2: Se avessi chiuso la finestra, non sarebbe entrato tanto rumore.

If I had closed the window, so much noise wouldn't have come in.

C1: Dopo aver chiuso l'azienda, ha deciso di aprire un ristorante.

After closing the company, he decided to open a restaurant.

C1: Nonostante abbia chiuso con lui, non riesco a dimenticarlo.

Despite having closed with him, I can't forget him.

C2: Chissà se avrei dovuto chiudere quella porta o lasciarla aperta.

Who knows if I should have closed that door or left it open.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Chiudere is a commonly used verb in the Italian language. It is often used to refer to closing doors, windows, and other objects. For example, 'Ho chiuso la finestra' means 'I closed the window'.

In addition to referring to physical objects, chiudere can also be used figuratively. For instance, it can be used to describe ending a conversation or a relationship. 'Ho chiuso con lui' means 'I ended things with him'.

It's important to note that chiudere is an irregular verb, so its conjugation doesn't follow the regular pattern of other verbs. It's essential to learn its various forms to use it correctly in different contexts.

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