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Cibo is an Italian noun that translates to food in English. It refers to any substance that is consumed by living beings in order to sustain life and provide energy.

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Meaning: food

Mi piace cucinare cibo italiano.

I like cooking Italian food.

Meaning: nourishment

Il cibo è essenziale per la sopravvivenza umana.

Food is essential for human survival.

Meaning: meal

Andiamo a mangiare un buon cibo al ristorante stasera.

Let's go eat some good food at the restaurant tonight.

Meaning: diet

Sto seguendo una dieta sana e bilanciata con cibi nutrienti.

I am following a healthy and balanced diet with nutritious foods.

Meaning: cuisine

La cucina italiana è famosa in tutto il mondo per i suoi deliziosi cibi.

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide for its delicious foods.


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A1: Mi piace il cibo italiano.

A1: I like Italian food.

A1: Oggi ho mangiato molto cibo.

A1: Today I ate a lot of food.

A1: Il ristorante serve del buon cibo.

A1: The restaurant serves good food.

B1: Ho comprato ingredienti freschi per preparare il mio cibo preferito.

B1: I bought fresh ingredients to prepare my favorite food.

B1: Mia madre cucina sempre cibi sani e gustosi.

B1: My mother always cooks healthy and tasty foods.

B1: Ho assaggiato un nuovo cibo esotico durante il mio viaggio in Asia.

B1: I tried a new exotic food during my trip to Asia.

C1: La cucina italiana è famosa per la sua varietà di cibi regionali.

C1: Italian cuisine is famous for its variety of regional foods.

C1: Durante il festival del cibo, sono stati organizzati numerosi eventi culinari.

C1: During the food festival, numerous culinary events were organized.

C1: Il libro presenta una ricca selezione di ricette tradizionali e innovative per tutti gli amanti del cibo.

C1: The book features a rich selection of traditional and innovative recipes for all food lovers.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, cibo is not just a means of sustenance but also a way of life. Food is deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of the country, with each region boasting its own unique cuisine and culinary specialties. From pasta dishes to pizza, seafood to cured meats, Italian cibo is renowned for its delicious flavors and high-quality ingredients.

The importance of cibo in Italian culture can be seen in the way meals are prepared and consumed. Italians take great pride in their cooking and often spend hours preparing elaborate feasts for family and friends. Meals are typically enjoyed together as a social event, with conversation and laughter flowing freely around the table.

Beyond its cultural significance, cibo also plays an important role in maintaining good health. Italians are known for their healthy Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats such as olive oil. By incorporating plenty of cibo into their diets, Italians are able to maintain a balanced and nutritious lifestyle.

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