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Meaning: five

Ho cinque dita sulla mano.

I have five fingers on my hand.

Meaning: fifth

Il mio compleanno è il cinque di marzo.

My birthday is on the fifth of March.

Meaning: five o'clock

Ci vediamo alle cinque.

See you at five o'clock.

Meaning: five (in playing cards)

Ho un cinque di cuori.

I have a five of hearts.

Meaning: five (in dice)

Ho ottenuto un cinque con i dadi.

I rolled a five with the dice.


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A1: Ho cinque anni.

A1: I am five years old.

A1: Ci sono cinque libri sulla mensola.

A1: There are five books on the shelf.

A1: Voglio comprare cinque mele.

A1: I want to buy five apples.

B1: L'esame dura cinque ore.

B1: The exam lasts for five hours.

B1: Sono andato in vacanza per cinque giorni.

B1: I went on vacation for five days.

B2: Ho lavorato qui per cinque anni prima di cambiare lavoro.

B2: I worked here for five years before changing jobs.

C1: Mia nonna ha vissuto fino all'età di cento e cinque anni.

C1: My grandmother lived until the age of one hundred and five.

C1: Ho letto il libro più di cinque volte.

C1: I have read the book more than five times.

C2: Dopo aver camminato per cinque ore, finalmente siamo arrivati alla cima della montagna.

C2: After walking for five hours, we finally reached the top of the mountain.

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The Italian noun 'cinque' translates to the number 'five' in English. It is derived from the Latin word 'quinque'.

In the Italian language, 'cinque' is used to represent the cardinal number 5. It is part of the numerical system and is commonly used for counting objects or indicating a position in a sequence.

'Cinque' can also be used in various idiomatic expressions and phrases in Italian, such as 'fare cinque', which means 'to give someone a high-five', or 'essere al settimo cielo e non al cinque', which means 'to be on cloud nine'.

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