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Circa is an Italian adverb that means approximately or around.

Part of speech



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Meaning: approximately

Circa 100 persone sono arrivate alla festa.

Approximately 100 people arrived at the party.

Meaning: around

La città di Roma è stata fondata circa 753 a.C.

The city of Rome was founded around 753 BC.

Meaning: about

Ho bisogno di circa due ore per completare questo lavoro.

I need about two hours to complete this work.


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A1: Circa dieci persone sono arrivate in ritardo.

About ten people arrived late.

A1: L'esame dura circa due ore.

The exam lasts about two hours.

A2: Ci vediamo circa alle otto di sera.

We'll see each other around eight o'clock in the evening.

B1: Ho cercato di capire circa cosa stesse parlando il professore.

I tried to understand what the professor was talking about.

B2: Circa un anno fa ho iniziato a studiare l'italiano.

About a year ago, I started studying Italian.

B2: Il prezzo del biglietto è aumentato di circa il 10%.

The ticket price has increased by about 10%.

C1: Circa la metà degli studenti ha superato l'esame.

About half of the students passed the exam.

C2: La nave ha navigato per circa tre mesi prima di arrivare a destinazione.

The ship sailed for about three months before reaching its destination.

C2: Circa un secolo fa, l'Italia era divisa in molti piccoli stati.

About a century ago, Italy was divided into many small states.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word circa is commonly used in historical contexts to indicate an approximate date. For example, if a historian writes that a certain event occurred circa 1500, they mean that it happened around the year 1500, but not necessarily exactly in that year. This allows for some flexibility and uncertainty when dealing with historical records.

Circa can also be used in other contexts where an approximation is needed. For instance, if someone asks you how many people attended a concert and you're not sure of the exact number, you could say 'circa 500' to indicate that it was around that number.

It's worth noting that while circa is an Italian word, it's commonly used in English as well. It's often abbreviated as c. (with a period) before a date or number to indicate that it's an approximation.

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