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Classe is an Italian noun that refers to a group or category of people, objects, or concepts that share common characteristics or features.

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Meaning: class (group of students)

La classe di italiano è molto divertente.

The Italian class is very fun.

Meaning: class (social group)

Lui appartiene alla classe operaia.

He belongs to the working class.

Meaning: class (category or rank)

Questo prodotto appartiene alla classe premium.

This product belongs to the premium class.

Meaning: class (quality or style)

Il suo stile è di gran classe.

His style is very classy.

Meaning: class (mathematics)

La classe degli interi positivi include i numeri 1, 2, 3, ecc.

The class of positive integers includes numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.


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A1: La mia classe preferita è matematica.

My favorite subject is math.

A1: I bambini sono seduti in classe.

The children are sitting in class.

A1: La classe ha vinto il premio per la pulizia della scuola.

The class won the award for school cleanliness.

B1: Ho frequentato una classe di cucina l'anno scorso.

I attended a cooking class last year.

B1: La nostra classe sta organizzando una gita al museo.

Our class is organizing a trip to the museum.

B2: Dopo aver studiato italiano per un anno, ho deciso di passare alla classe successiva.

After studying Italian for a year, I decided to move on to the next level.

C1: Siamo stati divisi in gruppi nella nostra classe di lingua straniera.

We were divided into groups in our foreign language class.

C1: Il professore ha assegnato un progetto di ricerca alla nostra classe.

The professor assigned a research project to our class.

C2: Durante la lezione, la classe ha discusso delle implicazioni etiche dell'intelligenza artificiale.

During the lesson, the class discussed the ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, the word classe can be used in various contexts to describe different types of groups or categories. For instance, it can refer to a class of students in a school, a social class based on income or occupation, or a classification system for organisms in biology.

The concept of classe is closely related to the idea of classification and categorization. It allows us to organize and make sense of the world around us by grouping similar things together and highlighting their similarities and differences.

Moreover, the term classe can also have a figurative meaning when used in phrases such as 'fare la bella classe' (to show good manners and elegance) or 'essere di prima classe' (to be of high quality). In these cases, it conveys a sense of refinement, sophistication, and excellence.

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