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Meaning: hill

La collina è coperta di alberi.

The hill is covered with trees.

Meaning: knoll

Siamo seduti sulla cima della collina.

We are sitting on top of the knoll.

Meaning: slope

La collina scende dolcemente verso la valle.

The slope of the hill gently descends towards the valley.

Meaning: mound

I bambini stanno costruendo un piccolo tumulo sulla collina.

The children are building a small mound on the hill.


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A1: La collina è verde.

The hill is green.

A1: Vedo una collina in lontananza.

I see a hill in the distance.

A1: Siamo saliti sulla collina per ammirare il panorama.

We climbed the hill to admire the view.

B1: La collina era coperta di fiori colorati.

The hill was covered in colorful flowers.

B1: Durante la passeggiata, abbiamo attraversato diverse colline.

During the walk, we crossed several hills.

B2: Da qui si può godere di una vista panoramica sulla collina circostante.

From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding hill.

B2: La collina che domina il paesaggio è un luogo ideale per fare escursioni.

The hill that dominates the landscape is an ideal place for hiking.

C1: Dopo aver scalato la ripida collina, siamo arrivati alla cima esausti ma soddisfatti.

After climbing the steep hill, we reached the top exhausted but satisfied.

C1: La collina offre un'ottima opportunità per gli appassionati di parapendio.

The hill offers a great opportunity for paragliding enthusiasts.

C2: La collina si ergeva maestosa di fronte a noi, con la sua vegetazione rigogliosa e i suoi pendii dolci.

The hill stood majestically in front of us, with its lush vegetation and gentle slopes.

Advanced Description

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The word "collina" is an Italian noun that translates to "hill" in English. It refers to a natural elevation of land that is higher than the surrounding area but lower and less steep than a mountain.

In Italy, colline are common geographical features, especially in regions like Tuscany and Umbria. These hills often have gentle slopes and are covered with vineyards, olive groves, or forests. They contribute to the picturesque landscapes that attract tourists from all over the world.

Colline also play a significant role in Italian culture and history. Many ancient towns and villages were built on top of these hills for strategic purposes, providing defensive advantages against potential invaders. Today, these hilltop settlements are often charming destinations known for their historical architecture and panoramic views.

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