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Meaning: blow

Il pugile ha sferrato un colpo potente.

The boxer delivered a powerful blow.

Meaning: shot

Ho sentito un colpo di pistola provenire dalla strada.

I heard a gunshot coming from the street.

Meaning: stroke

Mio nonno ha avuto un colpo e ora è paralizzato da un lato.

My grandfather had a stroke and now he is paralyzed on one side.

Meaning: hit

Il pallone ha preso un colpo e si è sgonfiato.

The ball took a hit and deflated.

Meaning: coup

Il golpe militare ha rovesciato il governo.

The military coup overthrew the government.


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A1: Ho sentito un colpo forte.

A1: I heard a loud noise.

A1: Mia sorella ha dato un colpo alla palla.

A1: My sister hit the ball.

A1: Mi sono fatto male al braccio dopo un colpo.

A1: I hurt my arm after a blow.

B1: Il colpo di fulmine è stato improvviso.

B1: Love at first sight was sudden.

B1: La squadra ha subito un colpo durante la partita.

B1: The team suffered a setback during the game.

B2: Dopo il colpo, l'assassino si è dileguato nel buio.

B2: After the murder, the killer vanished into the darkness.

C1: Il governo sta cercando di prevenire un colpo di stato.

C1: The government is trying to prevent a coup.

C1: La vittima ha riportato gravi lesioni a seguito del colpo ricevuto.

C1: The victim suffered serious injuries as a result of the blow received.

C2: L'attentatore ha pianificato il colpo per mesi prima dell'attacco.

C2: The attacker planned the operation for months before the attack.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'colpo' translates to 'blow' in English. It refers to a forceful impact or strike, typically delivered with the intention of causing damage or injury.

In a physical sense, 'colpo' can describe a punch, hit, or strike inflicted on someone or something. It can also be used metaphorically to represent a sudden and unexpected event that has a significant impact on a person or situation.

For example, if someone receives a 'colpo' to the head, it means they have been struck forcefully in that area. Similarly, if a business experiences a financial 'colpo', it implies a sudden and detrimental change in their economic situation.

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