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Comparire means to appear or to show up in a certain place or situation.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to appear

Il sole compare all'alba.

The sun appears at dawn.

Meaning: to show up

Spero che il mio amico compaia alla festa.

I hope my friend shows up at the party.

Meaning: to emerge

Le prime stelle cominciano a comparire nel cielo serale.

The first stars begin to emerge in the evening sky.

Meaning: to come into view

La luna compare dietro le nuvole.

The moon comes into view from behind the clouds.

Meaning: to manifest

La paura compare sul suo volto.

Fear manifests on his face.



  • io compaio
  • tu compari
  • lui/lei compare
  • noi compariamo
  • voi comparete
  • loro compaiono


  • io comparivo
  • tu comparivi
  • lui/lei compariva
  • noi comparivamo
  • voi comparivate
  • loro comparivano


  • io comparirò
  • tu comparirai
  • lui/lei comparirà
  • noi compareremo
  • voi comparerete
  • loro compariranno


  • io avevo comparso
  • tu avevi comparso
  • lui/lei aveva comparso
  • noi avevamo comparso
  • voi avevate comparso
  • loro avevano comparso

Simple Past

  • io comparvi
  • tu comparisti
  • lui/lei comparve
  • noi comparimmo
  • voi compariste
  • loro comparvero


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A1: Oggi comparirà il sole.

Today the sun will appear.

A1: Il gatto compare sempre quando sente il rumore del cibo.

The cat always appears when it hears the sound of food.

A2: Ieri sera è comparso un uomo misterioso nel parco.

Last night a mysterious man appeared in the park.

B1: Spero che tu compaia alla festa domani.

I hope you will appear at the party tomorrow. (future tense)

B1: Quando ero giovane, comparivo spesso in televisione.

When I was young, I used to appear on television frequently. (imperfect tense)

B2: Mi dispiace che non sia comparso nessuno all'incontro di ieri sera.

I'm sorry that no one showed up at last night's meeting. (subjunctive tense)

C1: Dopo molte ricerche, è finalmente comparso un indizio importante.

After much research, an important clue finally emerged. (passato prossimo tense)

C1: Sei sicuro che il problema non comparirà nuovamente?

Are you sure the problem won't reappear? (futuro anteriore tense)

C2: Nonostante le difficoltà, il talento di quest'artista compare in ogni sua opera.

Despite the difficulties, the talent of this artist shines through in every work. (present tense)

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Comparire is an Italian verb that is commonly used in everyday language. It is often used to describe the action of appearing or showing up in a certain place or situation. For example, if someone suddenly appears at your doorstep, you could say 'Mi è comparso alla porta' which translates to 'He showed up at my door.'

This verb can also be used in a figurative sense to describe something that becomes apparent or visible. For instance, if a problem arises during a project, you might say 'Il problema è comparso improvvisamente' which means 'The problem suddenly appeared.'

It's important to note that comparire is an irregular verb and its conjugation can vary depending on the tense and subject pronoun. However, it follows the general pattern of regular -ere verbs in Italian.

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