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"contare" Italian translation




to count

Part of speech



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Meaning: to count

Ho bisogno di contare i soldi.

I need to count the money.

Meaning: to matter

Non mi importa quanto tempo ci vorrà, quello che conta è che tu sia felice.

I don't care how long it takes, what matters is that you are happy.

Meaning: to rely on

Posso sempre contare su di te.

I can always rely on you.

Meaning: to tell

Mi puoi contare tutto, sono qui per te.

You can tell me everything, I'm here for you.

Meaning: to include

Il pacchetto vacanza conta il volo e l'alloggio.

The vacation package includes the flight and accommodation.



  • io conto
  • tu conti
  • lui/lei conta
  • noi contiamo
  • voi contate
  • loro contano


  • io ho contato
  • tu hai contato
  • lui/lei ha contato
  • noi abbiamo contato
  • voi avete contato
  • loro hanno contato


  • io conterò
  • tu conterai
  • lui/lei conterà
  • noi conteremo
  • voi conterete
  • loro conteranno


  • io avevo contato
  • tu avevi contato
  • lui/lei aveva contato
  • noi avevamo contato
  • voi avevate contato
  • loro avevano contato

Simple Past

  • io contai
  • tu contasti
  • lui/lei contò
  • noi contammo
  • voi contaste
  • loro contarono


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Conto fino a dieci.

A1: I count up to ten.

A1: Conta le mele nel cestino.

A1: Count the apples in the basket.

A2: Ho contato i soldi nella mia borsa.

A2: I counted the money in my bag.

B1: Contavo di andare al cinema stasera, ma ho cambiato idea.

B1: I was planning on going to the cinema tonight, but I changed my mind.

B1: Non contavamo sul suo aiuto, ma si è offerto volontario comunque.

B1: We weren't counting on his help, but he volunteered anyway.

B2: Conta su di me, ti aiuterò a superare questo momento difficile.

B2: Count on me, I will help you get through this difficult time.

C1: Ho contato quanti giorni mancano alla scadenza del progetto.

C1: I counted how many days are left until the project deadline.

C1: Se continui a comportarti così, non potrai contare sulla mia fiducia.

C1: If you continue to behave like this, you cannot count on my trust.

C2: Avrei voluto contare tutte le stelle nel cielo, ma erano troppo numerose.

C2: I would have liked to count all the stars in the sky, but they were too numerous.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'contare' in Italian means 'to count'. It is a regular verb that belongs to the first conjugation group. This means that it follows a predictable pattern of conjugation, making it easier to learn and use in different contexts.

Contare is used when you want to express the action of counting objects or numbers. For example, you can use it to count the number of people in a room, the amount of money in your wallet, or the days left until an important event. It can also be used figuratively to indicate importance or relevance, such as when saying 'ogni parola conta' (every word counts) or 'il tuo voto conta' (your vote counts).

In addition to its basic meaning of counting, 'contare' can also be used in idiomatic expressions and collocations. For instance, 'non contare su di me' means 'don't count on me', indicating that someone cannot rely on your support or assistance. Learning these additional uses will help you expand your vocabulary and communicate more effectively in Italian.

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