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Controllare is an Italian verb that means to check, verify or inspect something.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to check

Devo controllare se ho chiuso la porta a chiave.

I need to check if I locked the door.

Meaning: to control

Il pilota deve controllare l'aereo durante il volo.

The pilot must control the airplane during the flight.

Meaning: to monitor

Dobbiamo controllare i livelli di inquinamento nell'area urbana.

We need to monitor pollution levels in the urban area.

Meaning: to supervise

Il capo deve controllare il lavoro dei dipendenti.

The boss must supervise the employees' work.

Meaning: to inspect

L'ispettore sanitario deve controllare i ristoranti per garantire la sicurezza alimentare.

The health inspector needs to inspect restaurants to ensure food safety.



  • io controllo
  • tu controlli
  • lui/lei controlla
  • noi controlliamo
  • voi controllate
  • loro controllano


  • io ho controllato
  • tu hai controllato
  • lui/lei ha controllato
  • noi abbiamo controllato
  • voi avete controllato
  • loro hanno controllato


  • io controllerò
  • tu controllerai
  • lui/lei controllerà
  • noi controlleremo
  • voi controllerete
  • loro controlleranno


  • io avevo controllato
  • tu avevi controllato
  • lui/lei aveva controllato
  • noi avevamo controllato
  • voi avevate controllato
  • loro avevano controllato

Simple Past

  • io controllai
  • tu controllasti
  • lui/lei controllò
  • noi controllammo
  • voi controllaste
  • loro controllarono


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A1: Io controllo il mio orologio ogni mattina.

A1: I check my watch every morning.

A1: L'insegnante controlla i compiti degli studenti.

A1: The teacher checks the students' homework.

A1: Controlliamo sempre le previsioni del tempo prima di uscire.

A1: We always check the weather forecast before going out.

B1: Ho controllato la posta elettronica appena sono arrivato a casa.

B1: I checked my email as soon as I got home.

B2: Stavo controllando il traffico quando ho visto l'incidente.

B2: I was checking the traffic when I saw the accident.

B2: Controlla se hai dimenticato qualcosa prima di lasciare l'ufficio.

B2: Check if you forgot something before leaving the office.

C1: Avrei dovuto controllare meglio le informazioni prima di prenotare il volo.

C1: I should have double-checked the information before booking the flight.

C1: Se continui a fare errori, dovrò controllare il tuo lavoro più attentamente.

C1: If you keep making mistakes, I will have to check your work more carefully.

C2: Dopo aver controllato i dati, possiamo procedere con l'analisi statistica.

C2: After checking the data, we can proceed with the statistical analysis.

Advanced Description

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Controllare is a common verb used in everyday conversation and in professional settings. It can be used to refer to a wide range of actions, from checking the accuracy of information to verifying the quality of a product or service. For example, you might use controllare when reviewing a report at work or when double-checking your travel plans before leaving for vacation.

The verb controllare is often used in combination with other words to convey more specific meanings. For instance, you might use the phrase controllare i documenti to mean 'to check the documents' or controllare la temperatura to mean 'to monitor the temperature.' In some contexts, controllare can also imply a sense of authority or power over something or someone, as in the phrase controllare la situazione which means 'to control the situation.'

It's important to note that controllare has several different conjugations depending on the tense and subject of the sentence. For example, io controllo means 'I check' while loro controllano means 'they check.' Additionally, there are several related words and phrases that are commonly used alongside controllare, such as controllo di qualità (quality control) and controllo remoto (remote control).

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