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Meaning: couple

La coppia si è sposata l'anno scorso.

The couple got married last year.

Meaning: pair

Ho comprato una nuova coppia di scarpe.

I bought a new pair of shoes.

Meaning: set

Mi piacerebbe avere una bella coppia di tazze da caffè.

I would like to have a nice set of coffee cups.

Meaning: duo

Il famoso duo musicale si esibirà questa sera.

The famous musical duo will perform tonight.


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A1: La coppia è andata al cinema.

A1: The couple went to the cinema.

A1: Ho visto una bella coppia di uccelli nel parco.

A1: I saw a beautiful pair of birds in the park.

A1: Mia sorella e suo marito sono una coppia felice.

A1: My sister and her husband are a happy couple.

B1: La coppia si è conosciuta durante un viaggio in Spagna.

B1: The couple met during a trip to Spain.

B1: Da quando si sono sposati, la coppia ha deciso di vivere all'estero.

B1: Since they got married, the couple has decided to live abroad.

B2: La coppia sta cercando di avere un bambino da molto tempo.

B2: The couple has been trying to have a baby for a long time.

C1: La coppia aveva già divorziato prima che il loro segreto venisse scoperto.

C1: The couple had already divorced before their secret was discovered.

C1: La coppia avrebbe dovuto prendere una decisione importante per il loro futuro insieme.

C1: The couple should have made an important decision for their future together.

C2: La coppia si era separata temporaneamente, ma alla fine si sono riuniti.

C2: The couple had temporarily separated, but in the end they got back together.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'coppia' translates to 'couple' in English. It is used to refer to a pair of people who are romantically involved or married.

In Italian culture, the concept of coppia holds great significance. Couples are often seen as the foundation of society and family life. They are expected to support and care for each other, and their relationship is considered a lifelong commitment.

The term 'coppia' can also be used more broadly to refer to any two things that are paired or matched together, such as a pair of shoes or a set of playing cards.

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