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Meaning: rope

Ho legato la corda al palo.

I tied the rope to the pole.

Meaning: string

Ho suonato la chitarra con una corda rotta.

I played the guitar with a broken string.

Meaning: cord

Ho tirato la corda per aprire la tenda.

I pulled the cord to open the curtain.

Meaning: chord

Suona un accordo di tre corde sulla tastiera del pianoforte.

Play a three-chord on the piano keyboard.

Meaning: wire

La corda elettrica è stata danneggiata durante il temporale.

The electric wire got damaged during the thunderstorm.


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A1: La corda è lunga.

A1: The rope is long.

A1: Ho bisogno di una corda per legare il pacco.

A1: I need a rope to tie the package.

A1: Il marinaio ha tirato la corda per salire sulla nave.

A1: The sailor pulled the rope to climb onto the ship.

B1: Abbiamo intrecciato le corde per formare un cesto.

B1: We intertwined the ropes to form a basket.

B1: Il funambolo camminava sulla corda tesa senza cadere.

B1: The tightrope walker walked on the taut rope without falling.

B2: Ho appeso i vestiti ad asciugare sulla corda nel giardino.

B2: I hung the clothes to dry on the line in the garden.

B2: La corda si è rotta durante l'arrampicata.

B2: The rope broke during the climbing.

C1: Dopo aver trascorso anni a suonare la chitarra, ho imparato a fare dei bei accordi con le corde.

C1: After spending years playing the guitar, I learned how to make beautiful chords with the strings.

C1: Il musicista ha suonato la corda con maestria, producendo un suono melodioso.

C1: The musician played the string skillfully, producing a melodious sound.

C2: La corda dell'arco del violinista vibrava intensamente, creando un'atmosfera emozionante nel teatro.

C2: The violinist's bowstring vibrated intensely, creating an exciting atmosphere in the theater.

Advanced Description

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The noun 'corda' in Italian translates to 'rope' in English. A corda is a long, flexible and strong object made by twisting or braiding together strands of fibers such as hemp, nylon, or cotton. It is commonly used for various purposes including climbing, sailing, securing objects, and making knots.

In outdoor activities like rock climbing and mountaineering, a corda is an essential tool for climbers to ascend or descend safely. It provides support and stability during challenging climbs and helps prevent falls. Sailing enthusiasts also rely on corda to hoist sails, secure boats, and tie knots for different purposes.

Corda can also be found in everyday life, where it is used for practical purposes such as tying packages, creating clotheslines, or constructing temporary structures. Its versatility and strength make it a valuable resource in many industries and activities.

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