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"creare" Italian translation




to create

Part of speech



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Meaning: to create

Ho creato un nuovo dipinto.

I created a new painting.

Meaning: to make

Ho creato una torta per il compleanno di mio fratello.

I made a cake for my brother's birthday.

Meaning: to establish

Hanno creato un'azienda di successo insieme.

They established a successful company together.

Meaning: to generate

La luce solare crea energia.

Sunlight generates energy.

Meaning: to invent

L'inventore ha creato una nuova tecnologia rivoluzionaria.

The inventor invented a new revolutionary technology.



  • io creo
  • tu crei
  • lui/lei crea
  • noi creiamo
  • voi create
  • loro creano


  • io ho creato
  • tu hai creato
  • lui/lei ha creato
  • noi abbiamo creato
  • voi avete creato
  • loro hanno creato


  • io creerò
  • tu creerai
  • lui/lei creerà
  • noi creeremo
  • voi creerete
  • loro creeranno


  • io avevo creato
  • tu avevi creato
  • lui/lei aveva creato
  • noi avevamo creato
  • voi avevate creato
  • loro avevano creato

Simple Past

  • io creai
  • tu creasti
  • lui/lei creò
  • noi creammo
  • voi creaste
  • loro crearono


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A1: Io creo un disegno.

A1: I create a drawing.

A1: Loro creano una torta.

A1: They create a cake.

A1: Noi creiamo una lista della spesa.

A1: We create a shopping list.

B1: Tu hai creato un nuovo progetto.

B1: You have created a new project.

B2: Lei sta creando una nuova azienda.

B2: She is creating a new company.

B2: Voi avevate creato un piano di marketing.

B2: You had created a marketing plan.

C1: L'artista ha creato un capolavoro.

C1: The artist has created a masterpiece.

C1: Sono stato creato per realizzare grandi cose.

C1: I was created to accomplish great things.

C2: Dopo anni di ricerca, hanno finalmente creato una cura per la malattia.

C2: After years of research, they have finally created a cure for the disease.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'creare' in Italian means 'to create' in English. It is a transitive verb that is often used to describe the action of bringing something into existence or making something new.

When using 'creare', it is important to note that the subject of the sentence is the one performing the act of creation, while the object is what is being created. For example, 'Io creo una scultura' translates to 'I create a sculpture'.

In addition to physical creations, 'creare' can also be used in a more abstract sense, such as creating ideas, relationships, or opportunities. It is a versatile verb that can be used in various contexts.

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