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"credere" Italian translation




to believe

Part of speech



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Meaning: to believe

Credo che sia vero.

I believe it's true.

Meaning: to think

Credo di aver dimenticato qualcosa.

I think I forgot something.

Meaning: to trust

Credo in te.

I trust in you.

Meaning: to suppose

Credo che arriveranno presto.

I suppose they will arrive soon.

Meaning: to have faith

Credo nel potere dell'amore.

I have faith in the power of love.



  • io credo
  • tu credi
  • lui/lei crede
  • noi crediamo
  • voi credete
  • loro credono


  • io credevo
  • tu credevi
  • lui/lei credeva
  • noi credevamo
  • voi credevate
  • loro credevano


  • io crederò
  • tu crederai
  • lui/lei crederà
  • noi crederemo
  • voi crederete
  • loro crederanno


  • io avevo creduto
  • tu avevi creduto
  • lui/lei aveva creduto
  • noi avevamo creduto
  • voi avevate creduto
  • loro avevano creduto

Simple Past

  • io credetti
  • tu credesti
  • lui/lei credette
  • noi credemmo
  • voi credeste
  • loro credettero


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A1: Credo in te.

I believe in you.

A1: Credi nel destino?

Do you believe in destiny?

A1: Non credo alle favole.

I don't believe in fairy tales.

B1: Ho sempre creduto in te e nelle tue capacità.

I have always believed in you and your abilities.

B1: Crediamo che sia la scelta giusta da fare.

We believe it is the right choice to make.

B1: Non credevi che sarebbe successo, vero?

You didn't believe it would happen, did you?

C1: Crederò in te fino alla fine.

I will believe in you until the end.

C1: Se solo avessi creduto prima, le cose sarebbero state diverse.

If only I had believed earlier, things would have been different.

C1: Non posso credere che tu abbia fatto una cosa del genere.

I can't believe you did such a thing.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'credere' in Italian means 'to believe'. It is a very common and versatile verb that is used to express belief, trust, confidence, or faith in something or someone.

Credere can be used in various contexts. For example, you can use it to express your belief in a certain idea or concept, such as 'Credo nella libertà' (I believe in freedom). You can also use it to indicate trust or confidence in someone, like 'Credo in te' (I believe in you). Additionally, credere can be used in religious or spiritual contexts to convey faith, as in 'Credo in Dio' (I believe in God).

It's important to note that the verb credere is irregular and its conjugation changes depending on the tense and subject. It is commonly used in everyday conversations and is an essential verb to know when learning Italian.

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