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Crescere is an Italian verb that means 'to grow' or 'to increase'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to grow

Le piante crescono bene in primavera.

Plants grow well in spring.

Meaning: to increase

Il prezzo del petrolio è cresciuto di recente.

The price of oil has increased recently.

Meaning: to raise

I genitori cercano sempre di crescere i loro figli nel miglior modo possibile.

Parents always try to raise their children in the best way possible.

Meaning: to rise

La luna sta crescendo nel cielo.

The moon is rising in the sky.

Meaning: to develop

La città sta crescendo molto velocemente negli ultimi anni.

The city is developing very quickly in recent years.



  • io cresco
  • tu cresci
  • lui/lei cresce
  • noi cresciamo
  • voi crescete
  • loro crescono


  • io crebbi
  • tu crebbi
  • lui/lei crebbe
  • noi crescemmo
  • voi creaste
  • loro crebbero


  • io crescerò
  • tu crescerai
  • lui/lei crescerà
  • noi cresceremo
  • voi crescerete
  • loro cresceranno


  • io ero cresciuto/a
  • tu eri cresciuto/a
  • lui/lei era cresciuto/a
  • noi eravamo cresciuti/e
  • voi eravate cresciuti/e
  • loro erano cresciuti/e

Simple Past

  • io cresci
  • tu crescesti
  • lui/lei crebbe
  • noi crescemmo
  • voi cresceste
  • loro crebbero


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A1: Io cresco ogni giorno.

I grow every day.

A1: Mia figlia sta crescendo troppo in fretta.

My daughter is growing up too fast.

A2: La pianta non cresce bene qui.

The plant doesn't grow well here.

B1: Spero che il mio business cresca rapidamente.

I hope my business grows quickly.

B1: Da quando ci siamo trasferiti, la città è cresciuta molto.

Since we moved here, the city has grown a lot.

B2: Quando ero giovane, pensavo di crescere e diventare un astronauta.

When I was young, I thought I would grow up and become an astronaut.

C1: Il settore tecnologico sta crescendo esponenzialmente in questo paese.

The technology sector is growing exponentially in this country.

C1: Crescere richiede molta pazienza e determinazione.

Growing requires a lot of patience and determination.

C2: Dopo aver vissuto all'estero per molti anni, ho visto come le culture possono crescere e cambiare nel tempo.

After living abroad for many years, I have seen how cultures can grow and change over time.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Crescere is a versatile verb that can be used in various contexts. It can refer to the physical growth of living organisms, such as plants and animals, as well as the growth of non-living things like businesses and economies.

In addition to its literal meaning of growth, crescere can also be used figuratively to describe the increase or improvement of something over time. For example, one might say that their language skills have grown or increased (le mie abilità linguistiche sono cresciute) after studying for several months.

It's important to note that crescere is an irregular verb in Italian, which means that it doesn't follow the standard conjugation patterns. However, with practice and exposure to different contexts, learners can become comfortable using this verb in conversation and writing.

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