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Da is an Italian preposition that can be translated to English as 'from', 'since', 'by', or 'at'. It is a versatile word that can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

Part of speech



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Meaning: from

Vengo da Roma.

I come from Rome.

Meaning: by

Vado al lavoro in macchina da solo.

I go to work by car alone.

Meaning: since

Sto studiando italiano da tre anni.

I have been studying Italian for three years.

Meaning: at

Sono arrivato a casa da te alle 8 di sera.

I arrived at your house at 8pm.

Meaning: to

Ho mandato una lettera da Firenze a Milano.

I sent a letter from Florence to Milan.

Meaning: for

Ho lavorato da McDonald's per un anno.

I worked at McDonald's for a year.

Meaning: with

Mangio la pizza con le mani da sempre.

I have always eaten pizza with my hands.


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A1: Vado da mia madre.

I'm going to my mother's house.

A2: Ho ricevuto una lettera da un amico.

I received a letter from a friend.

A2: Da bambino, mi piaceva giocare con i Lego.

As a child, I liked playing with Legos.

B1: Sono qui da tre ore.

I've been here for three hours.

B2: Da quando hai iniziato a lavorare qui, sei migliorato molto.

Since you started working here, you have improved a lot.

B2: Non vedo l'ora di partire per le vacanze da sogno che ho sempre desiderato.

I can't wait to leave for the dream vacation I've always wanted.

C1: Da quanto tempo ti occupi di questo progetto?

How long have you been working on this project?

C1: Da giovane, avevo molte ambizioni e sogni che non ho mai realizzato.

When I was young, I had many ambitions and dreams that I never fulfilled.

C2: Da quel giorno in poi, la mia vita è cambiata radicalmente.

From that day on, my life has changed radically.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The preposition da is commonly used to indicate the starting point of a movement or action. For example, 'Sono partito da casa' means 'I left from home'. In this case, da indicates the origin or source of the movement.

Da can also express the duration of an action that started in the past and continues in the present. For instance, 'Sto imparando l'italiano da tre mesi' means 'I've been learning Italian for three months'. Here, da indicates the starting time of the action and implies that it is still ongoing.

Moreover, da can indicate the agent or cause of an action. For example, 'Il libro è stato scritto da un autore famoso' means 'The book was written by a famous author'. In this case, da introduces the person who performed the action.

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