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Decidere means to make a choice or decision.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to decide

Ho deciso di andare in vacanza.

I decided to go on vacation.

Meaning: to determine

Il medico ha deciso la dose corretta del farmaco.

The doctor determined the correct dosage of the medication.

Meaning: to settle

Abbiamo deciso di vendere la casa.

We decided to sell the house.

Meaning: to resolve

Dobbiamo decidere come risolvere questo problema.

We need to decide how to resolve this problem.

Meaning: to choose

Devo decidere quale università frequentare.

I have to choose which university to attend.



  • io decido
  • tu decidi
  • lui/lei decide
  • noi decidiamo
  • voi decidete
  • loro decidono


  • io ho deciso
  • tu hai deciso
  • lui/lei ha deciso
  • noi abbiamo deciso
  • voi avete deciso
  • loro hanno deciso


  • io deciderò
  • tu deciderai
  • lui/lei deciderà
  • noi decideremo
  • voi deciderete
  • loro decideranno


  • io avevo deciso
  • tu avevi deciso
  • lui/lei aveva deciso
  • noi avevamo deciso
  • voi avevate deciso
  • loro avevano deciso

Simple Past

  • io decisi
  • tu decidesti
  • lui/lei decise
  • noi decidemmo
  • voi decideste
  • loro decisero


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A1: Io decido di andare al cinema.

A1: I decide to go to the cinema.

A1: Loro decidono di mangiare la pizza.

A1: They decide to eat pizza.

A2: Tu decidi cosa fare stasera.

A2: You decide what to do tonight.

B1: Ho deciso di studiare all'estero l'anno prossimo.

B1: I have decided to study abroad next year.

B1: Stiamo decidendo quale ristorante scegliere per la cena.

B1: We are deciding which restaurant to choose for dinner.

B2: Dopo aver riflettuto a lungo, ho deciso di accettare l'offerta di lavoro.

B2: After thinking it over for a long time, I decided to accept the job offer.

C1: Quando arriverai, avrò già deciso cosa faremo durante il weekend.

C1: By the time you arrive, I will have already decided what we will do during the weekend.

C1: Se mi avessi chiesto prima, ti avrei detto che avevo già deciso di non partecipare alla riunione.

C1: If you had asked me earlier, I would have told you that I had already decided not to attend the meeting.

C2: Dopo aver valutato attentamente tutte le opzioni, abbiamo deciso di intraprendere una nuova strategia di marketing.

C2: After carefully evaluating all the options, we have decided to pursue a new marketing strategy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Decidere is an Italian verb that is commonly used in everyday conversations. It is a transitive verb, which means it requires a direct object. For example, 'Ho deciso di andare al cinema' translates to 'I have decided to go to the cinema.' In this sentence, 'andare al cinema' is the direct object of decidere.

When using decidere, it is important to note that it can be followed by either the infinitive form of a verb or the preposition 'di' with an infinitive verb. For instance, 'ho deciso di studiare italiano' translates to 'I have decided to study Italian,' while 'ho deciso di andare in vacanza' means 'I have decided to go on vacation.'

In addition to its common usage in daily conversations, decidere is also frequently used in formal settings such as business meetings or legal proceedings. It is a powerful word that implies taking responsibility for one's actions and making a definitive choice.

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