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Desiderare is an Italian verb that means to desire or wish for something strongly.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to desire

Desidero una pizza margherita.

I desire a margherita pizza.

Meaning: to wish

Desidero buone vacanze a tutti!

I wish everyone a happy holiday!

Meaning: to want

Desidero andare al cinema stasera.

I want to go to the cinema tonight.

Meaning: to long for

Desidero ardentemente il successo.

I long for success fervently.

Meaning: to crave

Desidero un gelato al cioccolato.

I crave a chocolate ice cream.



  • io desidero
  • tu desideri
  • lui/lei desidera
  • noi desideriamo
  • voi desiderate
  • loro desiderano


  • io ho desiderato
  • tu hai desiderato
  • lui/lei ha desiderato
  • noi abbiamo desiderato
  • voi avete desiderato
  • loro hanno desiderato


  • io desidererò
  • tu desidererai
  • lui/lei desidererà
  • noi desidereremo
  • voi desidererete
  • loro desidereranno


  • io avevo desiderato
  • tu avevi desiderato
  • lui/lei aveva desiderato
  • noi avevamo desiderato
  • voi avevate desiderato
  • loro avevano desiderato

Simple Past

  • io desiderai
  • tu desiderasti
  • lui/lei desiderò
  • noi desiderammo
  • voi desideraste
  • loro desiderarono


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A1: Desidero un caffè, per favore.

A1: I would like a coffee, please.

A1: Desideriamo una pizza margherita.

A1: We want a margherita pizza.

A1: Io desidero andare al mare.

A1: I want to go to the beach.

B1: Ho sempre desiderato visitare l'Italia.

B1: I have always wanted to visit Italy.

B1: Se desideri, possiamo uscire stasera.

B1: If you wish, we can go out tonight.

B1: Mia madre mi ha chiesto cosa desiderassi per il mio compleanno.

B1: My mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

C1: Spero che tu abbia realizzato tutto ciò che hai desiderato nella vita.

C1: I hope you have achieved everything you desired in life.

C1: Non avrei mai desiderato di incontrare una persona così speciale come te.

C1: I could never have wished to meet someone as special as you.

C1: Desidererei che tu mi dicessi la verità.

C1: I would like you to tell me the truth.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Desiderare is a common verb in Italian and is often used in everyday conversation. It can be used to express a strong desire or longing for something, whether it be a material possession or an abstract concept such as love or success. For example, one might say 'Desidero una macchina nuova' (I desire a new car) or 'Desidero di trovare l'amore della mia vita' (I wish to find the love of my life).

The verb desiderare can also be used in more formal contexts, such as in business or academic settings. In these cases, it may be used to express a desire for a particular outcome or result. For instance, one might say 'Desideriamo aumentare le vendite' (We desire to increase sales) or 'Desidero ottenere il mio dottorato di ricerca' (I wish to obtain my PhD).

It's important to note that desiderare is a transitive verb, which means that it requires a direct object. In other words, when using this verb, you must specify what it is that you desire or wish for. This can be done by adding the direct object after the verb. For example, 'Desidero un caffè' (I desire a coffee) or 'Desidero che tu mi aiuti' (I wish for you to help me).

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