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Meaning: ten

Ho comprato dieci mele.

I bought ten apples.

Meaning: tenth

Oggi è il dieci di marzo.

Today is the tenth of March.

Meaning: decade

Sono passati dieci anni da quando ci siamo visti l'ultima volta.

Ten years have passed since we last saw each other.


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A1: Ho dieci anni.

A1: I am ten years old.

A1: Ci sono dieci mele nel cesto.

A1: There are ten apples in the basket.

A1: Voglio comprare dieci penne.

A1: I want to buy ten pens.

B1: Ho studiato per dieci ore ieri.

B1: I studied for ten hours yesterday.

B1: Sono andato a Roma dieci volte quest'anno.

B1: I went to Rome ten times this year.

B2: Mia sorella ha lavorato qui per dieci mesi prima di trasferirsi.

B2: My sister worked here for ten months before moving.

C1: Ho vissuto in Italia per dieci anni prima di tornare nel mio paese natale.

C1: I lived in Italy for ten years before returning to my home country.

C1: Dopo aver studiato italiano per dieci anni, finalmente posso parlare fluentemente.

C1: After studying Italian for ten years, I can finally speak fluently.

C2: L'azienda ha registrato un aumento del dieci percento nelle vendite quest'anno.

C2: The company recorded a ten percent increase in sales this year.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'dieci' means 'ten' in English. It is the cardinal number that comes after nine and before eleven.

In the Italian language, 'dieci' is used to represent the quantity or value of ten items or units.

'Dieci' is an important number in various aspects of life, such as counting, mathematics, time, and measurements.

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