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The Italian adjective difficile means difficult or hard in English.

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Meaning: difficult

Questo esercizio è molto difficile.

This exercise is very difficult.

Meaning: hard

Ho lavorato duramente per raggiungere questo obiettivo.

I worked hard to achieve this goal.

Meaning: challenging

La vita può essere molto difficile a volte.

Life can be very challenging at times.

Meaning: tricky

Questa domanda è davvero difficile da rispondere.

This question is really tricky to answer.

Meaning: demanding

Il mio lavoro è molto difficile e richiede molta concentrazione.

My job is very demanding and requires a lot of concentration.


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A1: Questo compito è difficile.

This task is difficult.

A1: Ho avuto una giornata difficile.

I had a difficult day.

A1: La matematica è una materia difficile per me.

Mathematics is a difficult subject for me.

B1: È stato difficile trovare un parcheggio libero.

It was difficult to find a free parking space.

B1: Mi è difficile capire il significato di questo testo.

I find it difficult to understand the meaning of this text.

B1: Sono andato in palestra ieri, ma ho fatto solo un allenamento leggero perché mi sentivo difficile.

I went to the gym yesterday, but I only did a light workout because I felt difficult.

C1: Mi sarebbe stato difficile raggiungere l'aeroporto senza il tuo aiuto.

It would have been difficult for me to reach the airport without your help.

C1: Se non fosse stato così difficile, avrei accettato la sfida.

If it hadn't been so difficult, I would have accepted the challenge.

C1: Dopo aver superato tante difficoltà, finalmente ho raggiunto il mio obiettivo.

After overcoming many difficulties, I finally reached my goal.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Difficile is a commonly used word in Italian and can be applied to various situations. It can refer to something that is physically hard to do, such as climbing a mountain or lifting a heavy object. It can also describe something that is mentally challenging, like solving a complex math problem or learning a new language.

In addition to describing tasks or activities, difficile can also be used to describe people or situations. For example, someone may be described as difficile if they are hard to please or satisfy. A situation may be considered difficile if it is complicated or fraught with difficulties.

It's important to note that the word difficile is often used in combination with other words to provide more context and specificity. For instance, difficile da fare means difficult to do, while difficile da capire means difficult to understand. Understanding the nuances of how this word is used in different contexts can help learners of Italian communicate more effectively.

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